Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Lilly was no one I knew, no one that I would ever know, so what is it that has drawn me to her?


I started on this case researching the players, Christen Pacheco and the group that he was involved in. The players are many and they come from lots of different backgrounds. It was interesting research, to say the least. The things I found were not pretty, sexy, juicy or hot news. These people are roaming the streets, not only of Miami, but my town and yours. I don't want to think that they are just cold blooded murderers, but I do think they are capable of it, and more importantly, capable of hiding the truth.

Just as there are many characters in a saga, there are many here. They will be brought out, one by one, as time goes by, I have no doubt. They are slippery, transient, and travel all over the country by any means they can find. They really have no careers or jobs for that matter, and the thing that occupies their "working" hours would be panhandling, odd jobs, or looking for the one that will take care of their needs for as little or as long as necessary before they move on.

Lilly, for a time was involved with these people, but she knew she wanted something different for her life and her son, Palden. She was drawn back into the web, probably by the promise of love, security for Palden, and a better life. What she found was not what she was looking for.

A lot of this story is just unfolding, in real time, in real life. People are becoming aware that women don't just vanish onto alien mother-ships. Statistics will show that the number one cause of death for pregnant women is murder at the hands of the child's father. What are the statistics showing on women who just vanish? Are there any?

Whether it be Stacy Peterson or Lilly Aramburo, a life is a life, and all valued at the same price. A story is a story, just the writers change and the perspective of that writer. We are writing the stories of Missing Mothers, starting with honoring Lilly Aramburo. There is much more to be written about Lilly and hopefully for her son, Palden, it will have a happy ending.

The butterfly will spread it's wings and show the beauty of its colors to the world.

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