Saturday, June 28, 2008

Peggy Dianovsky

Peggy Dianovsky is the mother of three beautiful sons, Andrew, Bobby, and John, who were still quite young in 1982 and living in Schaumberg, Illinois. They lived the rest of their childhood without a mother in a home with a man who later would go on trial for her murder.
It is stated that the boys were not allowed to talk about Peggy after she was gone, the unspoken rule from Robert Dianovsky, their father. Robert married another Peggy who also had 3 boys, so it was a blended family with no trace of the original Peggy Dianovsky. The boys say when they asked about their mother Robert would reply that he couldn't remember, and that as they were growing up they didn't even know when her birthday was. She was erased from their lives.
At age 31 Andrew was a middle school teacher, and apparently started remembering things from the night of September 12, 1982. After intense therapy he was able to recall a violent fight that night, seeing his father holding a butcher knife to his mother's throat. This was a mere 24 hours before Peggy Dianovsky would disappear for good.
Very close to finalizing a settlement on their divorce, the boys recalled a few louder than normal fights between the couple, who had their share of them over the course of the marriage. The last one being the worst, the loudest and most violent.
Robert Dianovsky reported Peggy missing 5 days after the night of the last fight. Reported her missing, but, as Robert states, leaving voluntarily, taking a few clothes, and leaving behind her 3 boys, her car, and her last paycheck.
Where did all their memories go? Hidden in the minds of three little boys was a mother who made a ritual of tucking them in and kissing them every night. But that night they were told she was too tired. What other lies were they fed in that home over the course of 20 years?
Finally, Robert Dianovsky was arrested for Peggy's murder after his 3 sons urged authorities to reopen the case, feeling safe that they could now share their most secret memories. There was no body and no other physical evidence, a circumstantial case.
Robert received an aquittal in a 2004 bench trial, the judge ruling that she was probably murdered, but there was insufficient evidence to prove that Robert did it. Although Peggy has never been found, foul play is suspected in her disappearance.
How can a man live with himself, his sons, and a new family after completely obliterating the mother of his children?
I guess some do get away with murder, don't they?

Listen to the following radio show. Intimate Partner Homicide Investigates with hosts, Sheryl McCollum, Holly Hughes, and Susan Murphy-Milano. Just push PLAY to hear the discussion about Peggy's case with her brother, Gus and sister, Anne.

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Maggie's Rose said...

What a tragic hole in our justice system to let this monster walk free! I can't imagine how those poor children, now adults are able to resolve this.

Gus said...

I agree with you.
I'm Peggy's oldest brother.
Nearly 26 years and and it still hurts.
Her three sons are doing quite well.
The hard part for them is Mother's Day and her birthday (April 15th.)


Delilah said...

Gus, if you happen to read here again, thank you for leaving a comment about your sister.

I only hope I have honored your sister and I am so happy to hear that her sons are doing well.

If you would like to make a difference for families of other missing persons you can visit our other site.

Some of the other family members of those I have written about here are members there. It is an interactive work site to help bring solace to those with missing family members.

Thank you again for finding this site.

Lady Portia said...

What loving children indeed. They never forgot the love of their mother. That is the one memory they can treasure. Now that this family have asked the Universe for truth, may the light of truth shine on this excuse for a man and may the body of Peggy be found and receive a proper funeral.Love from my family to yours.

Anonymous said...

Jesus knows I am so sorry for your loss . I can never make right the horrible wrong done to Peggy. May God bless you and comfort you.

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