Thursday, July 17, 2008

Lisa Hatchell

Lisa Michelle Hatchell

In two days it will be Lisa's birthday. It also marks the day that she disappeared in 2003, five long years ago, from Philadelphia, PA after an argument with her long term boyfriend, Tyrone Henderson. It won't be much of a celebration for her grieveing mother,Alonie Walton, and Lisa's two children.

Lisa was a veteran who served in the military and protected our country, but where were the ones who are sworn to protect and serve on our streets when Lisa went missing? Like so many other missing persons cases, there was not much done in the critical hours in the beginning, not even questioning Tyrone and searching the house they shared. To this day, the house has not been searched and Tyrone has moved on.

Alonie Walton and Lisa's family, like so many others, have had to make phone calls, write letters, make demands that someone look closer into this case. Many times there are no return calls and just more disappointment. The family has reached out to the internet to get this case back in the news.

Nancy Grace, of CNN, ran a story in January 2008 that highlighted Lisa's case.

It would be so nice if she would do an update for Lisa's birthday and 5 year anniversary of being missing, getting the word out there one more time. It would be a bittersweet gift to Alonie to know that the world has not forgotten her daughter.

This is one more missing mother who has children wondering what happened, where is she?

It is time for all of us who can to mobilize, write, call, put her story on all of your blogs, websites and Myspace pages and any other network to which you belong.

Please help us by writing to elected officials, addresses located at the link below, help us contact media to get more attention for Lisa's case.

It's her birthday!


Maggie's Rose said...

Tomorrow, July 19th marks both Lisa’s Birthday as well as the very date that she disappeared. In honor of Lisa, Peace 4 the Missing is dedicating July 19th as Lisa Michelle Hatchell Day.

Please feel leave a message of support, encouragement, prayers…for Lisa’s Mom and two Children who so miss her. Let’s surround them with our compassion and love especially on this most difficult day.

Maggie's Rose said...


Please go to this site and vote YES for Lisa Michelle Hatchell's article. What it will do is get it to the front page of this site, and may have a chance to be in their hourly news video, and possibly make it to their TV channel.">

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