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Nakketa Smith

Del City, Oklahoma is the home of Tinker Air Force Base, just southeast of Oklahoma City. I remember watching the AWACS going in and out of the base when I lived there in the 80's. Del City was at opposite from my end of Oklahoma City which at the time was the second largest city in the country according to square mileage.

Nakketa Smith is the mother of 3 children and a foster child. That alone says to me that she knows motherly love,taking another's child and raising and loving it as your own shows that.

What happened in Del City on the night of September 13 that caused Nakketa to vanish? It is reported by authorities that there was a violent struggle in her home that night and signs that she was attacked. Where were her children when this attack on their mother was taking place?

Dontee Johnson, Nakketa's ex husband is noted as a person of interest in her disappearance. He is known to have stalked and threatened her life in the past and was detained when found driving her car with two of her children on board. He didn't go down easily and there was a scuffle where even a police officer was injured. He is actually in custody on other related charges of lewd acts with a child under 16.

Dontee Johnson is not looking too good in this. The pattern of domestic violence repeats itself again.

"She was afraid of him. She had a peace bond on him. He was threatening to kill her, her mother and the whole family," said Shirley Moore, Nakketa's aunt.

Nakketa's mother, Deborah King, pleads with locals to give up information she thinks they know. She feels there are people who know what happened to Nakketa that Friday night and is begging for them to come forward.

Texas Equusearch has come forward and sent teams to conduct thorough searches and are working with law enforcement agencies in the area to plot the likely places to search.

Nakketa's children are reported to be taking this extrememly hard, just as any child would who may have been witness to violence against a mother they love. Children are said to be resiliant in certain circumstances, but it has been my experience that no matter how long a mother is missing, that child can not move forward until she is located.

Another mother has vanished. Deborah King will not give up searching for her child until she is found. Nakketa's children deserve to know why their mother has vanished and be able to deal with what lays ahead for them.

When and who will break this pattern? When will children not have to suffer and fear the unknown?

When the cycle of domestic violence is finally broken.


By Matt Dinger
Staff Writer
SPENCER - The body of a Del City woman missing since Sept. 13 was found about 10 p.m. Monday based on information provided by her ex-husband, the sheriff's office said
Missing Del City woman's body found...
The body of Nakketa Smith, 31, was found about 12 feet from the side of the road in the 4700 block of N Spencer Road in eastern Oklahoma County, said Sheriff John Whetsel, who was at the scene at about 11:30 p.m.

Del City Police Cpt. Jody Suit, who was also at the scene, said information gleaned from a conversation between ex-husband Dontee Johnson, 34, and a minister from Houston led law officers to the scene.

The body was removed about 12:30 a.m. today after the medical examiner arrived. At 1 a.m., officers were at another location about a mile away searching for evidence including bedding materials.

Suit said a minister with the New Black Panther Party talked to Johnson, who is in jail on an unrelated charge but is considered a suspect. Suit said Johnson provided the minister with details that led them to the body. The family was notified before the search began, Suit said.

A mounted search team, Texas EqquSearch, and other volunteers had looked for Smith over the weekend and on Monday,searching in Del City and in creek beds around Lake Stanley Draper. Smith's mother, Deborah King of Oklahoma City, and other friends and family members had formed large search parties and combed wooded areas and vacant buildings looking for Smith, vowing not to give up until she was found.

Suit said the minister, whom he identified as Quanell X, has worked before with Texas EqquSearch and was there at their request.

Police had found evidence in Smith's home in Del City that she was violently attacked. Johnson became the focus of the investigation after he was found driving her car with two of her children, Suit said earlier. Johnson is in custody on complaints of lewd acts with a child younger than 16.

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