Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Blog Action Day to Fight Poverty

Poverty is the root of so much that is wrong with our world.  Its roots reach far and wide and grab at so many in every community.  The effects are devastating, not only to the community, but to families.  So many times a family is in need of just the basics to survive, and crime sneaks in and takes over the thought processes of people who normally would never think to do the things they do.  Drug dealing, prostitution, robbery, domestic violence and child abuse are only a few things that rear their ugly heads from the underbelly of poverty.

What can one person do to end this cycle?  Many things!  I have listed only a few of the worthy sites I have found.  Please, choose one thing to do today and unite with us to put an end to poverty.

What Do YOU Want to Change?

A place to explore issues while helping while helping you connect with a community of people wanting to make a difference

Shop while fighting to end poverty!

Donate to the Global Fund

Kiva Lending Teams

Buttons of Hope

There are tons of things on the web today that all of us can do as individuals or as groups.

Choose one and participate!

1 comment:

mammabear said...

I missed Bloggers Unite Day, didn't I?
Thanks for the links you have up. I almost got lost!

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