Saturday, October 11, 2008

Michelle McMullen

There are so many questions and accusations surrounding the disappearance of Michelle McMullen, the young mother of a 6 year old, Jayden. Michelle was reported to be taking classes online and had transferred to a college in Louisiana to complete her on campus studies. Apparently she decided to bring her son back to Harrisburg, PA to stay with her parents while she finished her schooling. On the night of September 28, it is reported that Michelle dropped Jayden off at a friend's home in Harrisburg, who, by the way, was not expecting her nor had made prior arrangements to keep Jayden, turned around and headed back to Louisiana, a 17 hour drive.

The "what ifs" swirling around this case are like smoke around a campfire. Her family reported her missing after they had not heard from her within a reasonable amount of time, and her car was found abandoned in Hagerstown, MD only a little over an hour's drive from where she dropped of her son.

According to reports, Michelle was being investigated for theft from a church at which she had worked. This leaves authorities wondering if Michelle planned to drop out of sight to avoid prosecution of these charges.

Her case was entered into NCIC as a missing person and now has been changed to "wanted". Police told the family that this action could finalize the case quicker because missing persons cases are a lower priority.

"[Police] told me that a missing person case isn't a priority but a person with a warrant out for their arrest is," Michael McMullen said. "The facts of the [theft] case doesn't fit. They're trying to add mystery to it because the [Harrisburg] police dropped the ball" on the missing person investigation.

The Mc Mullen family was forced to wait an "obligatory" 72 hours before they could file a missing persons report and then had to wait until the following Saturday before police took an interest in the case because a detective was on vacation. According to police, her abandoned car turned up no evidence of foul play, but her wallet and cell phone were found inside, an indication of the possibility of abduction.

Just to add a few more questions to a case already rife with them, could someone have been with Michelle and Jayden on their trip? I haven't read anything about another person anywhere, just speculating. To me it seems strange that a woman and her 6 year old would drive 17 hours, drop off her son unexpected at a friend's, and turn around and start driving another 17 hours with no rest. It also seems strange that she did not contact her parents while there, with whom she had arrangements made to keep her son. To walk away from her son and her life over theft charges is also something her father feels could not have happened. According to him, Michelle always faced things in her life head on and he feels she would have faced these charges also.

"The people here, her hometown … they know one thing is for certain, she would have not walked away from her son," he said.

All Jayden knows is that his mother isn't talking to him.

"And he's very upset," Michael McMullen said. "He wants to know why."

A little 6 year old boy is without his mother, he doesn't know why, he has the same questions that the rest of Michelle Mc Mullen's family has and that is where is she? Is she safe? Is she hiding? What has happened to her?

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Free PS3 said...

nice perpective

Anonymous said...

West Virginia?
She left all of her belongings inside her car? and the police in W.V have not made any fingerprinting to make sure that the person at the hotel was really her?
The McMullen need a private investigator. In my opinion the police are too in a hurry to close the missing case and issue a warrant instead? SHAME, SHAME, SHAME.

Anonymous said...

To the family, it is unfortunate that folks will post negative comments. This could be any of our children. My heart goes out to you and her son. I will continue to keep you in my prayers. Looking at the picture of her son is very difficult to know he does not understand, we are adults and we do not understand. Continue to pray and keep your faith we know that God can do the impossible.

Anonymous said...

yup looks like the cops and all those other neg people were right though

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