Wednesday, October 1, 2008

October - Domestic Violence Month

In the short time I have been exposing the stories of Missing Mothers, one thread that seems to weave its way through most of them is Domestic Violence. I have no official statistics for how many missing women are victims of domestic violence, but in almost all of the cases I have read about or researched, the women were victims before they went missing, or leaving a bad relationship or marriage. I truly believe that if we could minimize the incidences of domestic violence, the numbers of missing women would also decrease.

This tale should end and these women should be found, but the system that is in place in most jurisdictions in our country will put these women right back in the home with the abuser with little or no recourse or protection. At the outside, especially when children are involved, they are mandated to stay where they are so that a father can have visitation with his children. In most cases, fathers definitely should have a relationship with their children, they should not be alienated from them, but neither party should use them as pawns or as a means to continue to abuse mothers as happens many times.

Today is the start of Domestic Violence Month. It is my wish that if you need to get out of a bad relationship, do it carefully and seek help to make this transition. There are organizations that can help you do this safely in your community or online.

Another wish is for everyone to become aware of this epidemic in our country. Take a stand to become actively aware of these situations. Do your part, whether it is in a big way or something small, just do something to make it a priority in your hometown. There is a woman who may be your mother, your sister, your daughter, or your friend. Reach out to them and help.

Make a pledge to yourself or to an organization to be involved in the quest to make it stop. It could start with you!

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State Coalitions & Organizations

Each U.S. state & territory has a domestic violence state coalition
(this document in .pdf format Adobe PDF ) that connects survivors and interested members of the public to resources in their local community. State Coalitions support local hotline/shelter programs through training, policy development, outreach to diverse communities, and public education.

National Domestic Abuse Organizations

Asian & Pacific Islander Institute on Domestic Violence

National Latino Alliance for the Elimination of Domestic Violence

Sacred Circle

National Resource Center on Domestic Violence

Battered Women’s Justice Project

Health Resource Center on Domestic Violence

The Corporate Alliance to End Partner Violence

Resource Center on Domestic Violence – Child Protection & Custody

Family Violence Prevention Fund

National Center on Domestic and Sexual Violence

National Coalition Against Domestic Violence

VAWnet: The National Electronic Network on Violence Against Women

Violence Against Women Online Resources

National Sexual Violence Resource Center

Stalking Resource Center

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