Thursday, November 20, 2008

Karen Jo Smith

December 27th, 2000, just two days after celebrating Christmas with her children and family, Karen Jo Smith went to bed as usual, but the next morning she was gone along with her ex-husband Steve Halcomb. Stangely enough her purse was also gone, but her shoes remained. Who would willingly leave on a cold December night with no shoes?

It is reported by family members that Karen was "scared to death" of Steve Halcomb and that he was very emotionally abusive towards her. At the time, Steve was recently released from prison after doing time for a drug charge and Karen allowed him to stay in her home. According to the family Karen had always put her children and family first in her life and would never just walk away from them, she had no reason to leave willingly.

Three years later, Halcomb was indicted in absentia, although no body has ever been recovered, and in December of 2004 he was convicted of Karen's murder and sentenced to 95 years in prison. According to a jailhouse confession and other information from prosecuters, it was shown that Steve Halcomb had abused, stalked and tried to hire someone to murder her. Another murdered mother, killed by a spouse with a history of abuse. Connect the dots!

Left behind are two innocent children who were the whole world to their mother, a mother who wanted nothing more than the dream life, children, husband and a supportive family. Two children who are growing up eight years later, but never forgetting about the mother who loved them. Two children who will search with their hearts until the day she is finally found and put to rest.

If you have any information about where Karen Jo Smith could be please contact the Indianapolis Police Department. 317-327-6613 or 317-327-3811

Please help bring Karen home.

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mammabear said...

It just dosen't stop!
~Prayers~ for the children, and searching family.

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