Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Gina Bos

If ever there were missing puzzle pieces, this mother's vanishing is definitely the case. As much as I have hunted online for information or clues pertaining to the disappearance of Gina Bos, there just aren't any. From all accounts that I have read Gina (Regina) comes from a very musical family, a very close family, and she loves holidays and celebrations, always to be counted on to do the extra touches when needed.

Gina seems to me to be an "artsy" type of person, always having the need to be creative, whether it is her music, crafting costumes, or her art. It has been my experience that writers, painters, and musicians don't always aspire to fame and fortune, but just want to be involved in their art. It completes them and makes them whole. As a mother, an artist, a much loved daughter and sister, it seems Gina Bos had a very full and happy life. I have found no reports of an unhappy relationship or her having any enemies. Her disappearance is truly puzzling.

Gina is a beautiful, 40 year old mother of three, two sons and a daughter that she was raising as a single mother. All that is known about the evening of October 17, 2000 is that Gina gave a performance at Duggin's Pub in Lincoln, Nebraska. She was seen with her beloved guitar, "Harley", over her shoulder and walking out of the pub. The next morning her car was discovered across the street, the trunk ajar and her guitar in the trunk. There are no other clues, no other evidence, nothing leading authorities to the answers to what happened to Gina that night.

Her family knows Gina is dead.
"If she were alive we would know," her mother says. "She would have never left her children. Never. Ever."
This family is missing the puzzle piece that makes them whole. They have done monumental things to find her, and they have also done monumental things to help others through their own pain and heartbreak. Gina's sister, Jannel Rap belongs to a band called Clementine, who regularly performs to bring awareness to Gina and others. The "Squeaky Wheel Tour" is a well known and respected global outreach for families searching for a missing loved one. The organization 411Gina works tirelessly to expose scores of missing persons who otherwise would not be known.

The search for Gina Bos will continue until this family puzzle piece is put back into the place where only a perfect fit exists. It will not stop until there are answers, answers for every family member left behind and especially for Gina's children.

There is someone out there who knows something. I hope that one day soon that person will come forward and that this mystery will be solved.

Name: Regina Marie Bos
Classification: Endangered Missing Adult
Alias / Nickname: Gina Williams, Gina Rap
Date of Birth: 1959-11-04
Date Missing: 2000-10-17
From City/State: Lincoln, NE
Age at Time of Disappearance: 40
Gender: Female
Race: White
Height: 66 inches
Weight: 105 pounds
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Complexion: Medium
Glasses/Contacts Description: Glasses with wire frames or contacts.
Identifying Characteristics: Tattoo of small purple "flower" on back, pierced ears, freckles.
Clothing: Black shirt, black pants, black shoes.

Peace4 the Missing

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mammabear said...

I recall reading a bit about Gina before. You did a beautiful job on her case, Delilah. 8 years is a long time missing. I hope her family and friends receive answers!

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