Thursday, January 22, 2009

Renee Pernice, Clues

Even though news reports have slowed down the past few days, Renee Pernice is still missing, and her children, as far as what I can find, are still in the care of their father, Shon Pernice, the last person to see Renee alive on January 2. He has given inconsistent statements to police regarding exactly when he last saw her and the circumstances.

Clues according to search warrants made public:

  • Shon Pernice used an electronic key card to enter the rear door of a hazmat station where cleaning solvents are stored. This took place at 4:30am, January 3.
  • Detectives saw Shon Pernice drive away from the home with Renee's dog, go to a park, drop off the dog and drive away. This took place on January 6. (Detectives picked up the dog)
  • Police have collected blood evidence, and discovered a reddish stain on the ceiling and a spot on the garage floor that tested positive as human blood.
  • Police recovered latex gloves from coat and pants pockets which had various stains on them.
  • Paperwork for divorce proceedings was found in Renee Pernice's home office.

Renee's family has done everything right, keeping her name in the public arena, candlelight vigil, press conferences as well as cooperating with the ongoing investigation, all the while riding the roller coaster of emotions packed into the information they are required to process. They have yet to see their grandchildren since their mother vanished.

Renee and Shon have two children together and are said to be staying with their dad. Shon also has a daughter from a previous marriage.

They haven't seen their grandparents since Renee went missing.

"As you can imagine, we've lost our loved one and we can't reach out to her and we'd dearly love to see those boys," said Pretz.
According to comments found on some online discussion boards, Shon Pernice is not a stranger to the grisly ugliness of violent death and, according to some, had a strange fascination with it. Apparently he is living by the words spoken in another case with the same initials, S.P., "Deny, deny, deny".

All we, the public, can do at this point is help Renee's family keep her picture and information out there to keep the story alive until such a time as she is found. Pray for her children and family members that the time will be soon and the wheels of justice can start to turn.

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Anonymous said...

You have said the warrant indicated that it was human blood found in the garage. Where did it say that? I check the return on KCTV5 and it said the stain tested positive for HEM which mean hemoglobin -- meaning it tested positive as blood. They can't tell if blood is human or animal until they do further testing, especially when it is a stain and not fresh.

At least try to get the scandalous accusations correct.

Anonymous said...

You also say he has given inconsistent statements to police aobut when he last saw her. I thought he wasn't talking to the police? I thought he told the police one thing and Renee's family (sister) said he told them a different thing.

Again, read it all before you write about it!!! I understand that you aren't a true journalist and can print what you believe, but some of us are trying to piece the clues together (its a hobby a few of us have, like a book club) and we rely upon what is written in the paper and reported on the news to try and create a picture of what happened. Misinformation does not help us.

Also, your citing blogs as being informative is NOT A GOOD IDEA. It looks like someone from Renee's family and also from Shon's family is blogging competing things with information only insiders would know IF they were true. Much of the allegations sound too damning to be true and seem like character assasination (on both sides).

Anonymous said...

By the way, does anyone know anything about Shon's attorneys? I read a thing in the Pitch where they won a forcible rape trial in Platte County last week where some African cab driver was accused of raping a drunk white girl in his cab and he claimed it was consensual sex. THEY WON THAT with a not guilty verdict.

Do these guys specialize in these types of cases? Does anyone know about them?

Delilah said...,2933,480425,00.html

excerpt from above link:

"They also discovered a reddish stain on the ceiling and a spot in the garage that tests showed was human blood, the station reported."

Thank you for leaving a comment, however, they aren't MY scandalous accusations.

Delilah said...

Anonymous #2....

What I write is my opinion based on what I've read. This blog's purpose is to keep a missing person in the forefront and isn't written as an insider's view of the crime.

If my facts are wrong, I'm happy to be corrected, please leave a link so I can see where I made a mistake.

Star Shine said...

Please help us find Star Boomer, She went missing in KC Kansas 10 years ago, she leaves behind a young son. Shon Pernice 'was' a patron in the bar that night that she went missing from. Please read her story.

copy and paste:

Star Shine said...

Admin, before you remove the above post again, please contact us through our blog, if you have questions to the validity of our post. Shon was 'infact' in that bar that night, and is on the le list of witnesses.

Thank you 'truly' so much for helping us find closure :)

mammabear said...

Thanks for bringing attention to the disappearance of Renee!
I'm surprised Anon would attack your post, without following your links, first, as I clearly read:

'"They also discovered a reddish stain on the ceiling and a spot in the garage that tests showed was human blood, the station reported."'

I've been reading your blog for quite sometime, and know that you do your homework...
Keep on with what you do best, Delilah ... getting info out there to help find the missing!
To the family members and children who are dealing with this!

Delilah said...

Thanks for the kind words, Mammabear, we all do our best, but sometimes make mistakes, not intentionally.

To Star Shine....I have tried to contact you with a HUGE apology. Please get in touch with me either here or at

I would love to bring some much needed attention to Star Boomer's case.


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