Thursday, January 8, 2009

Maria Fernandez Has Been Found

A South Carolina mother's worst fears are unfolding as remains were found and authorities are 99% sure they belong to Aretha Maria Fernandez who has been missing since last September 3 leaving behind a small son.

Although no charges have been filed, her boyfriend was named a person of interest early on and has not cooperated with the investigation, possibly on the advice of the attorney he hired immediately.

After hearing that her daughter was dead, Susie Fernandez said the pain was "just too hard to take.

"No family should ever go through this," she said. "No family."

You are right, Ms. Fernandez, no family should have to suffer in the wake of child gone missing. And no child should have to go through life wondering what happened to his mother. You have my heartfelt sympathies.

"If somebody knows something, they really just need to let their conscience get the best of them and come forward," said Jennifer Timmons, SLED communications director.

Information can be called into the Union County Sheriff's Office at 429-1612 or to CrimeStoppers at 427-0800.

Please join us at Peace4 the Missing

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