Friday, January 30, 2009

Samantha Burns

Although Samantha Burns is not a mother, she is a missing person whose case is closely connected to missing mother, Alice Donovan. When two escaped convicts started their crime spree through several states, Samantha was one of the first victims, losing her life on November 11, 2002. Her car was found the next day, still burning, in a remote area of West Virginia, but there was no sign of Samantha, and she remains missing.

Samantha was a student at Marshall University enrolled in physical therapy classes, an employee of a department store, and lived at home with her parents in East Hamlin, West Virginia. As a typical 19 year old, she was visiting friends and on her way home when she called her mother using her cell phone. It was the last time Samantha was heard from and her cell phone was uncharacteristically turned off.

Although the murderers were tried, convicted, and sent to death row, Samantha's remains have yet to be found. Her family and friends have no closure, no way to mend the gaping hole in their hearts, and continue to live the daily torture brought on by selfish acts of two monsters.

As the news continues about finding the remains of Alice Donovan, there have always been two families waiting for the same results. There is the expected possibility of resolution for Alice's family, and hope that the family of Samantha Burns can reach the same conclusion. Through much prayer, and the selfless work of organizations like CUE Center, their volunteers, SAR groups, K-9 and all the branches of law enforcement involved, we hope Samantha Burn's family will one day soon have their questions answered.

Vital Statistics at Time of Disappearance

DOB: 23-apr-1983 HAIR: Brown
MISSING: 11-nov-2002 EYES: Hazel
HEIGHT: 5' 4" WEIGHT: 110


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Brittany McCallister said...

I miss Sam each and every day. I think of every scenario she could have possibly endured and weep at every thought. She was one of my best friends. She was definitely a girl that did not deserve this. I hope that we can one day lay her to rest. Love you Sam!

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