Thursday, February 26, 2009

Can You Help Find Rachel Conger?

There will be a massive search for missing mother, Rachel Conger, and a search of this magnitude requires much in the way of resources.  CUE Center for Missing Persons will be conducting the search and there is never a charge for the families they serve.  The families do their best to help by providing lunches for searchers who, along with K9s, make their own way to searches, at their own expense.  These are well trained, certified people who work at finding missing persons relentlessly, from dawn til dusk.

Rachel Conger was a young mother of a thirteen year old daughter when she went missing under suspicious circumstances March 13, 2008.  Her daughter, Amber, has done amazing things to help raise funds and has paid for past searches for her mother.  Sources tell me that Rachel and Amber had an unusually close relationship and pictures show an intense love for each other.  Rachel was married young, but had an acute sense about her, according to family members, and Amber has been able to learn those lessons of responsibility early on from her mother.
Her daughter, Amber, is the driving force behind each event to help find her mother whom she dearly misses. She had this to say to the community; ''I really want my mom found; she means the world to me. What 13 year old would not want their mom found? I am appreciative for what everyone has done to support us & help search for my mom. I ask for your continued support to help bring her home.''
Please unite with us and donate what you can to CUE Center for Missing Persons or directly to the "Bring Rachel Home" fund set up by her family.  Show your support for Amber and for all families of missing persons.

CUE Center donations can be made HERE.  You can use Paypal or send directly to the address provided.

"Bring Rachel Home" donations can be made to the following:
If anyone would like to donate to the Bring Rachel Home fund, the tax-deductible bank account is set up at:

Holley Credit Union
1107 Mineral Wells Ave.
Paris, TN 38242

*Information required*
Rachel Conger Special Account
"Bring Rachel Home"
Account# 8038-010

All of us involved in this latest search are asking at least for your prayers that Rachel Conger will be found and brought home to her family, especially her daughter, Amber.  Thank you for all you can do to help.

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