Thursday, February 19, 2009

Shon Pernice, Looking for a Life Partner!

It's been recently reported that Shon Pernice put up a profile with the online dating service "Plentyoffish" listing himself as "divorced" and looking for a "life partner." He mentions his children, born to his missing wife, Renee Pernice. Is he trying to find a mother for his children or a companion for himself with his wife vanishing just a mere 8 weeks ago?  Of course, he has since deleted his membership, but obviously he's announcing that he is available!

Since local Kansas City prosecutors have declared that Renee is dead and her case is now being investigated as a homicide, wouldn't Shon garner a little more of a potential partner's sympathy if he listed himself as a widower instead of divorced? Even Drew Peterson is able to find love by playing that game. 

Shon Pernice is being looked at closely in his wife's death, and also the disappearance of Star Boomer, a woman who vanished from a bar ten years ago after being beaten, drugged and dragged out by, some say,  Shon Pernice. Of course, nothing has been proven, Mr. Pernice has not been charged, arrested, nor convicted.

But now we see that Shon most certainly is following the pattern of other high profile missing mother cases, Scott and Drew Peterson, who both were actively having relationships with other women before their wives were found. None of these three, and many others, have ever taken one minute of their day to search for their lost wives, the mothers of their children. They have all turned the corner on that chapter of their lives and found that there are women out there willing to be with them.

But what about the children? What about the family members who are living in a state of panicking limbo? Renee Pernice's father has pleaded several times for any clues that would solve the question of his daughter's disappearance. Like many of us, he is outraged and disgusted by the latest news of Shon Pernice looking for love!

"I think any concept of Shon being on a single's Web site, and particularly announcing himself as being divorced, is just disgusting and appalling," said Rick Pretz, Renee's father.

Like the Petersons above, Shon Pernice's behavior is puzzling to most. How can a man just erase the memory of a missing wife and mother? These three, as well as many others, seem to have absolutely no conscience and have blocked out anything to do with their wives, however, what about the children? By all accounts, the four children of Drew Peterson were quite close to missing wife, Stacy Peterson, two of them the children of dead mother, Kathleen Savio. It's also been reported that the children of Renee Pernice were "her life" and she took her role of motherhood quite seriously.

What kind of propaganda are these fathers feeding the children? Drew Peterson and Shon Pernice have both limited and controlled the children's visits with family members of their missing wives. From the outside, it looks like they keep a pretty tight rein on the children's activities and who they are in contact with. How can these children deal with the questions they must have and what kind of permanent emotional damage will they have to deal with in the future? How can they be expected to live their lives without the touch and the voice of their mothers?
Shon Pernice and Drew Peterson most likely have silenced those voices and have made up something plausible and believable to their young children, but there are those who are able to recognize certain signs and behaviors from these types of men. There are some who have actually survived leaving a relationship with these types of men and will tell you they are lucky to be alive.

Renee Pernice only has the voice of outrage from her family and the public. We can only hope that law enforcement will be able to find Renee, connect the dots, and find the evidence that will show who caused her vanishing and solve the mystery for the sake of her children. They deserve to live on with the truth.

Please be part of the effort to keep Renee's story in the forefront until she is found. If you have any information about the mysterious truck seen in the vicinity, please come forward. If there is any information at all you might have concerning Renee please call Crimestoppers at 816-474-TIPS.

Please join us at Peace4 the Missing
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Anonymous said...

While I do feel in both cases entioned that the individual was guilty, I don't agree with using the fact that he is on a dating site to incriminate him. The Pernice's were already in the process of divorce, and the desire for a relationship is not always devious. My wife passed away suddenly in March of 2007, and I was on probably a few weeks later. Does that mean I killed her? Absolutely not, I was thrown into a situation in which I had to determine what was best for my children, where to live, where to work, and seeking someone to share your life with you is not unnatural or perverse. It may be selfish, but it's not an indicator of guilt for harming the loved one you just lost.

Anonymous said...

I just read an article on CNN about the case of Mrs.Pernice's dissapearenc. Im wondering if police have investigated this mistress of Shons. I wonder investigaters even confiscated Shons vehicle or the mistresses vehicle to look for evidence. I think it is so highly suspect that Shon stole thier neighbors gun. Maybe its just me but it doesnt seem that Shon Pernice has been thoroughly investigated in both incidents. Very strange. Something just really doesnt sound or feel right about the whole investigations in either instances.

Anonymous said...

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