Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Kellisue Ackernecht

Whenever someone goes missing, and especially adults, rumors fly and facts tend to get distorted.  The case of missing mother Kellisue Ackernecht is no exception.  Finger pointing and innuendo have been continuous since the night Kellisue's car was found burning just three blocks from her home in Johnstown, New York on the night of September 30, 2008.

Her car was engulfed in flames, but there was no sign of  Kellisue anywhere, the car was completely destroyed and no evidence found at the scene that could answer the question of what happened to Kellisue that night.  She was last seen leaving her job around 9:45 PM, however, the street that her burning car was found on was not the usual route she would be taking home.  Her husband, Jayson Ackernecht, reported her missing to authorities in  the early hours of October 1, reportedly around the time that her car was discovered by police.

Kelliesue lost her parents at a young age, but has several concerned siblings.  They say that her relationship with Jayson was troubled but that Kellisue would not leave her husband without making arrangements for her young daughter.  Family members say that Kellisue and her daughter had a very tight bond between them, she was an excellent mother who cared well for her little girl.

Speculations in the media and the internet are running the gamut from some believing that her husband, Jayson, knows more than what he is telling, to the statement that she is alive and just took off with someone else.  No one knows, or is saying, who that someone else may be.   But the fact remains that it's unlikely that Kellisue would leave without her daughter.

Whatever resolution is found surrounding the evidence in this case, there is a little girl who cries for her mother, a little girl wondering why she was left behind, and a little girl who most likely will grow up without her.  Kellisue Achernecht literally vanished into thin air that night and it's important to this little girl that she knows her mother loved her.

Name:  Kellisue Ackernecht
Date of Birth:  12/16/1972
Date Missing:  09/30/2008
Age at time of disappearance:  35
City Missing From:  Johnstown
State Missing From:  New York
Gender:  Female
Race:  White
Height:  5′10″
Weight:  135lbs
Hair Color:  Auburn
Eye Color:  Brown

Identifying Characteristics:  Wears glasses and a wedding band on her left hand, was last seen wearing tan pants, new white sneakers, and a Rite-Aid apron. She has a patch on her right cheek
Circumstances of Disappearance:  Kellisue was last seen September 30th leaving her job as a shift supervisor at an Amsterdam Rite Aid around 9:45 p.m. She was driving a 10-year-old Saturn sedan. Three hours later, police found the car engulfed in flames a few blocks from her Johnstown home, with no sign of Kellisue. The car was parked in an area neighbors call Frog Hollow, near the Rail Trail. Police said this street wasn’t the usual way Kellisue drove home. The car was completely destroyed by the fire
Medical Conditions:  According to her husband, she takes medication for depression, but stopped taking it because  she disappeared.

Investigative Agency:  Johnstown Police Department
Agency Phone:   518 - 736-4021


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the write up on Kellisue.

Shu Fen said...

hey! just dropping by ^^ nice blog you have :D keep up the good work!

accordingtokim said...

TES will not be coming to search for Kellisue. Hopefully another organization will help.

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