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Tabitha Franklin, Mother of Three

“I love you, momma,” the seven-year-old scrawled on a sheet of loose leaf paper, written in pencil with occasional misspellings. “We have bin praying for you. We love you and don’t for get us.” by a child to a missing mother find a way to tear at your heartstrings.  Tabitha Franklin is the missing mother of three children who have been writing to her on MySpace and personal notes from home.  It's obvious they are missing her terribly and hoping they are not forgotten.  They don't realize, nor do they know why she is gone from their lives. Hannah, Gavin and Dawson just know that they want their mother home, it's a simple as that.
Tabitha was last seen on August 8, 2009 in Cullman, Alabama and reports say that she left a residence with an ex-boyfriend.  He states that he dropped her off to do some shopping and when he returned to pick her up she was nowhere to be found.
"She had an ex-boyfriend who there was a report of abuse and it was filed and later charges were dropped with threats to the family," says Stacey White, Tabitha's sister-in-law. 
According to the Cullman County Sheriff's office they have exhausted all of the leads they had and are now asking for the help of the public for clues.  Although the authorities are actively investigating the leads that come in, Tabitha's case is not considered a criminal matter.  The family fears otherwise and until there is word from "Tabby" they are pleading for help to find her.

Tabby's family and friends have a Cause page on Facebook where anyone can join and leave messages of encouragement for them.  A little girl writes to her mother:
"I love you mama this is your princess hannah i wish you were here everybody misses you the whole family does and were still trying to figure out where you are i know dawson and gavin loves you you use to call them prince and daddy misses you i love you mommy " 

Name:  Tabitha Franklin 

Alias:  Tabby 
Date of Birth:  09/15/1980 
Date Missing:  08/13/2009 
Age at time of disappearance: 28 
City Missing From: Cullman 
State Missing From: AL 
Gender:  Female 
Race:  White 
Height: 5 ft 6 in 
Weight: 140 lbs 
Hair Color: Blond 
Eye Color:  Blue 
Complexion: Fair 

Identifying Characteristics: Tabitha has 4 tattoos: An angel on her right arm, a scroll on left upper arm, a butterfly in between her shoulders on her back, and a rose on her ankle. She has 2 scars: a c -section scar, and a small scar on her nose. 

Clothing: She was last seen wearing a black dress. 

Jewelry: She usually wears dangling style earrings and often wears necklaces.

Circumstances of Disappearance: She was last seen at a friend's home in West Point , AL. She was then picked up by an adult male acquaintance and driven to Hueytown. The adult male stated that he dropped her off went to do errands and when he returned to pick her up, she was gone. 

Medical Conditions: None known 

Investigative Agency: Cullman County Sheriff's Department 
Agency Phone:  (256) 734-0342 
Investigative Case #:  09010083 Print a Poster: 


Sept 5, 2011
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