Friday, April 23, 2010

The search continues for Rachael Anderson

Missing since friday April 16,2010. If you have seen this women please call 509-758-2331

5' 4", 120lb, small stature, Black Hair, Brown eyes


By Stephanie Smith

CLARKSTON - Where is Rachael Anderson? Police, family, friends and much of the Valley want to know.

On Thursday Amber Griswold, one of Rachael's' daughters, talked about her mother and her connection to family.

"She's a mom of four," said Griswold. "She's a great mom. She's always there, very supportive. She is also a grandma. She has grandkids also."

Amber said her mother's disappearance is not a case of someone just leaving town.

"She cares for her family a lot, her family and friends. And she would never walk away," said Griswold.

She said her mother was being harassed and her mother's car vandalized.

"Her tires had just been slashed and I had to help her buy some tires because she had no money left," said Griswold. "Her window had been broken in, a couple other things done to her car. Muffler falling off, when she's driving away, oil pan, just random things like that."

The window on Rachael Anderson's car was broken while at work at St. Joe's. That's why she had a friend's car, a Yukon, when she went missing.

The SUV was found Wednesday afternoon in North Lewiston. Amber Griswold said her mom was also getting strange calls and text messages.

"All through the night, all day constantly," said Griswold. "She had no idea who's doing it, She had no idea where it was coming from. She didn't know who she could trust, who she couldn't."

Police said all indications are that Anderson was last seen in Moscow on Friday.

"Nobody knew actually she was going to Moscow. That was the thing, none of her friends knew," said Griswold. "She had prior plans with another friend in Clarkston and so she wasn't supposed to be in Moscow."

But it wasn't until Monday that family got concerned.

"I didn't even get concerned because Saturday, I had a barbecue and she told me earlier in the week, 'Oh I may not be there, I might be working (because she said she might work on Saturday) or I might be doing some other stuff trying to dig around and trying to figure out who's doing all this,'" said Griswold. "She said she probably wouldn't come, so when she didn't show up I didn't think anything of it and then I got a phone call on Monday saying she didn't show up, and then I knew something was wrong."

Along with posting fliers throughout town, Amber has started a FACEBOOK page to share information. As of Thursday afternoon there were over 2,800 members. With it, she is trying to dispel rumors.

"You know it's kind of hard to say (whether it was random or somebody she knew) because it could be the person supposedly that was stalking her or it could be totally just random chance that it happened to her and it was just someone that was passing through," said Griswold. "We don't know, we don't know at this point. Detective Halley (Asotin Co. Sheriff's Office) said it was okay that I said something about that there might possibly be suspects, but they are not even sure. They just don't have any evidence at this time."

Griswold said there were no signs of a break-in at her mom's Clarkston home.

Police have organized a task force comprised of officers and deputies from various local agencies. The FBI has also been notified but has yet to directly join in on the case.

Lewiston Police said there is security video from the bus stop where the SUV was found. They said they are going through three days worth of video from several different cameras.

If you have any information about Rachael Anderson or saw the GMC Yukon over the weekend, call the 24 hour police dispatch line 509-758-2331.

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Anonymous said...

Rachael is my cousin and we miss her dearly. If anyone has seen or heard anything please report it to the authorities. We love you Rachael and miss you. We are praying to God for her safe return home. Her children need her with them.

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