Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Shon Pernice: Right Where We Want Him

Shon Pernice is finally behind bars, charged with the murder of his wife and mother of his children, Renee Perince, whose body has yet to be found.  Renee went missing in the dead of the night a year and a half ago, leaving behind two small children which she adored.  Shon has always claimed that she just left, but, as those who look into these cases of missing mothers know, that scenario is highly unlikely.

The fact that Renee has been murdered is one that her family has come to terms with, however, there has been no resolution for them because of the fact that she has not been found.  Many cases are successfully prosecuted without a body based on the evidence surrounding the investigation.  Just as in another high profile case, the disappearance of Stacy Peterson, we can hold out hope to their families that justice will be served.

But, is that enough?  Is justice served for them if they still don't know where her body is?  No, it's not, and we can only believe that someday these murdering fathers will grow a conscience and lead the family to their missing loved one in order for them to have some finality, some peace of mind.
"I'm very happy that we've gotten to this point," Renee's mother Linda Lockwood said. "Hopefully we'll get justice for Renee because that's what we've always wanted."
Another family eagerly watching the proceedings surrounding Shon Pernice's arrest is the family of Star Boomer.  Boomer went missing after an altercation in a bar in 1999 and one of the last persons to see her there was none other than Shon Pernice.  Star Boomer was recently in the news when a barrel with a female body was found in Kansas City and hopes were up that it was Star.  It was not.

Like his counterpart, Drew Peterson, who is also in jail charged with murder of his third wife, Kathleen Savio, Shon will most likely not be forthcoming with information anytime soon.  As in most cases such as this, they "lawyer up" and start the long, tedious process of a trial, costing us all millions,  but worse, re-victimizing a family who must live through it in a glass bowl.  As this progresses they will be the ones in the courtroom every day listening to any and all testimony, and being forced to relive the pain.

The other side of the story, and a side that isn't addressed often, is the fact that there are children now growing up without either parent.  While I'm sure they are well taken care of by loving grandparents, they still have so much to deal with as they grow up.  To experience the questions surrounding the loss of their mothers, and now the incarceration of their fathers, is not a normal part of childhood, and not something any child should have to be put through.  There are no support groups and associations available to take care of their upcoming needs, other than years of expensive therapy, unaffordable by most.

In the days ahead, we will be watching and waiting, along with these families, for the day their nightmares end.  But, keep in mind, those nightmares will only end when their loved one is found and properly put to rest.

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Justice said...

Finally - does anyone know what evidence might have led to this? When they found the body in the barrel - my instinct said it was related to Shon. I wonder if they could be withholding evidence in order to prosecute him without interference?

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