Friday, July 9, 2010

Remember Me? Kimberly Langwell

Just as others who have come after her, many whose names have been in the news or discussed on the internet, Kimberly Ann Langwell somehow knew her demise. She was involved in an unstable connection with an ex-boyfriend, but had begun a new relationship, was very close to her teenage daughter, as well as her sister and family. Kimberly would never walk away from those who loved and cared for her, especially the daughter with whom she shared a special bond.

July 9, 2010 marks 11 years since the evening she left work in Beaumont, Texas, checked in with her daughter, informing her that she needed to stop by the ex-boyfriend’s, and that she would be home within a couple hours. When too much time had passed, her current boyfriend retraced the route she would have taken, and found her abandoned car. Her purse and keys were gone, but left behind were her cell phone and other personal items, items most women would keep on hand if they were walking away to a new life.

Like the others, Kimberly had been threatened and frightened of her ex-boyfriend, who, by the way, has not been named in any news articles I could find. She was frightened to the point of telling her sister that if something happened to her, that she did not commit suicide, and where to look for her body; she intuitively knew something bad was about to occur and wanted someone to know. Unfortunately, it was not enough, and as the years of investigation have gone by, Kimberly is still missing.

Searches of the area around her abandoned car turned up no clues as to what could have happened, and many have speculated that her body could have been dumped in any number of abandoned wells in the area around Beaumont.

As is often the case, the daughter left behind grew up, married and left town. Often the feeling that others look at you differently when you are a survivor of a tragedy, the fact that there are few resources of support, and your own internal pain, cause you to search for new beginnings. Not only will she endlessly search for her mother, she will be endlessly searching inside herself for answers, often re-living the event.

Every July 9, devoted supporter, DeDe Keene of A.M.A.L.P. Ministries, gathers others together and returns to the last place that Kimberly was seen, the parking lot where her car was found, and passes out fliers to spark the memories of those who live nearby. Someone knows something, someone has the clues that will unlock the mystery and someone has the ability to give her family peace.

If you have any information, no matter how small, as to the whereabouts of Kimberly Anne Langwell, please notify the Beaumont Police Department 409.880.3865 or call 911

Last Known Location: Phelan and Dowlen in the parking old of the former Eckerds

Name:   Kimberly Ann Langwell
Nickname:   Kim
Sex:      Female 
Race:   Unknown
Age:   34   YOB:   02-24-65
Height:   5ft 4in 
Weight:   135 lbs
Hair:    Blond 
Eyes:      Blue
Vehicle was located in the parking lot of the old Eckerds store on Phelan and Dowlen. There were no signs of struggle. Her car is a 1994 Silver Nissan Altima.
Case: 99-17661
Beaumont Crime Stoppers - 409-833-8477

Officer Crystal Holmes -

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