Monday, December 6, 2010

Caroline Thomas and Her Two Children Missing From Oklahoma City:FOUND

Caroline Thomas


When her common law husband returned from a trip to WalMart, Caroline Thomas and her two children,  7-year-old Gabriel Thomas and 2-year-old Danny Williams Jr. were gone.

Details are sketchy at this time, Caroline Thomas and her children have been missing since Friday, December 3, 2010 when it's reported that the common law husband found the house empty when he returned.

Reports say there was no sign of struggle at the home in the Northwest section of Oklahoma City, OK, however, it's also reported that Thomas did not have a vehicle.

At this time there are more questions than answers, such as how did a woman and two children vanish without a vehicle?  Reports haven't disclosed whether her purse, cell phone or belongings are at the home or missing also.

Now that it's Monday, will little 7 year old Gabriel show up for school this morning?  Could this just be a weekend getaway for Caroline and her children?  Is the relationship with the common law husband a good one, or are there signs of trouble?  I hope investigators are asking these questions and looking into all possibilities and not just looking at this case as another adult wanting a break from their life.  

Although, hoping she did take the children on a weekend trip, because the alternatives will not give as positive an outcome.

Anyone with information is asked to call 911.   ( Isn't there an officer assigned to the case?)

Caroline Thomas is described as black, about 5 feet 2 inches tall, 125 pounds with light brown hair. She was last seen wearing capri pants and a multi-colored, flower-pattern blouse. Both children are also black.

Peas In Their Pods


Oklahoma City police said a mother called to reassure them that she was unharmed.
Investigators said they began looking for Caroline Thomas last Friday after Thomas' common law husband returned to the home to find the house empty.
Oklahoma City police said Thomas is fine and she has called dispatch to "get her name off TV."
She has also called family to say she is OK.

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Texas Mist said...

Oklahoma City police said a mother called to reassure them that she was unharmed.

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