Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Lacey Gaines: A Mother Murdered, Remembered

Occasionally I will write about a mother who is not missing in the sense of "vanishing," but who is missing from the life of the child or children which will never see her again.

One year ago today, on December 7, 2009, Lacey Gaines was found brutally murdered, lying on the floor in her apartment in Justice, IL.  One year later, ironically, there is no justice served for Lacey's murder, no one has been arrested, nor named a suspect or person of interest.

Cherry Simpson, Lacey's beloved aunt and staunch activist for victim's rights, has pulled out all the stops, asked for help from various expert sources, and yet, the investigation seems to be moving at a snail's pace.  Her offers for outside help from experts have been turned down continuously, but she has been assured by the authorities in charge that this is an active investigation and that the facts will be presented to the District Attorney at the appropriate time, but still.....she waits.

Cherry's relationship with her niece, Lacey, was a special bond of love, life and laughter.  Her remembrances of Lacey's life brings her into the hearts of total strangers and we now know a piece of Lacey through Cherry.  Now that we know her, her murder is personal to us, and we support all efforts to find out who snuffed out her young life and bring that person/persons to justice.

The most heartbreaking aspect of a murdered mother is the child left behind that will never know the warmth of it's mother's touch.  Lacey's son will grow up without the guidance, love and support of his mother, which can not be replaced by another human being.

By gathering together as supporters of justice, advocates and activists, we all mourn the loss of Lacey along with her family.  Through websites, blogs and radio shows, as well as connections with those with influence, we will continue to remember Lacey Gaines and continue to seek justice for her.

A candlelight vigil was held for Lacey on Sat Dec 4th,2010 in Justice, IL (the site of her murder). It was snowing, family and friends handed out brochures looking for answers in Lacey's murder. Lacey's brother closed by saying a beautiful prayer thanking GOD for Lacey and everyone attending.

Please show your support for Lacey, her son and her family by visiting the various sites set up for her:
Facebook page
Lacey Claire Gaines

If you have infomation, call your anonymous tip into the hotline at 1-800-535-STOP. Your name is not needed, you will be given a code number to remain anonymous.Or you can call Det.Joe Malloy at 708-458-2194


Cherry said...

Thank you I miss her very much she was such a special child. It's hard this time of year. I know she's in heaven and I'll see her again. Thank you for taking time to remember her. You're very kind.
Aunt Cherry

Lacey Gaines said...

Lacey Gaine’s Friend Speaks Out: Everyone Loved Her

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