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Summer Inman: Missing Mother From Ohio, The Search is On: FOUND

The search for a mother of three young children, 25 year old, Summer Inman, has stretched to 4 counties in Ohio, Hocking, Perry, Morgan and Muskingum, and authorities are asking the citizens of those counties to please check their land and buildings for any signs of her. 

According to a press conference by Logan County Law Enforcement:
“By each citizen checking their own property, including any outbuildings, fields, nearby streams or park grounds, the area searched is multiplied exponentially,” the Logan Police Department said in a press release.
“Investigators encourage  the public to continue focusing on those areas close to a roadway, or near bridges and overpasses, for any signs of recent suspicious activity or clothing similar to those worn by Summer at the time of her abduction,” the police department report continued. “If anything is found, please do not touch it, merely back off, note the location, and contact the Logan Police Department immediately at 740-385-6868.”
In June, 2010, Summer filed for divorce from her husband, William Inman, and, according to her Facebook account, she was in a new relationship with Adam Peters.  As in many cases when a marriage has gone sour and custody issues arise, Summer faced a set of circumstances she was not quite prepared for.

Like most women leaving a relationship, Summer probably felt a certain sense of security by procuring an attorney, thinking that act would keep her safe from the man who, according to records, threatened her life, as well as Adam Peter's life, and held her captive more than once.  Three children under the age of 5 are at stake, an abusive husband using them as leverage in the divorce, fighting for custody, using the power and control tactics seen so often.

Summer Inman is most likely a victim of intimate partner homicide.  Her estranged husband, along with his parents, have been arrested and are in custody and charged with kidnapping.  Summer worked as a janitor at the Century National Bank in Logan, Ohio, and eye witnesses reported 2 men and a woman forcing Summer into a vehicle just outside at approximately 11pm the night she vanished.

What kind of a family unites to do evil in such a way?  What motivation would the Inmans have to kidnap Summer other than to do something harmful to her?   Summer Inman most likely wished to have a better life for her and her three children, a life without abuse, a life without someone demeaning her and demanding from her, and a life where her children could grow up without seeing their mother in a fearful state.

Summer, like so many others, didn't realize that ending that relationship would put her in so much danger, she probably felt like she knew the man she married well enough to handle the situation, but sadly, she did not realize the risks.

Time is passing by quickly and Summer has yet to surface; this doesn't bode well for a safe return.  Three little ones are wondering where there mother is, not getting tucked in tonight, not getting that goodnight kiss.

Anyone with information regarding the whereabouts of Inman is asked to call the Logan Police Department at 740-385-6868.


LOGAN, Ohio — Those who know and love Summer Inman, a mother of three who has been missing for nearly a week, came together on Monday night for a vigil to pray for her safe return.

Just about everyone who lives in Logan --whether they know Inman or not -- has been touched by the 25-year-old's disappearance.   Those who organized the vigil said the event was an opportunity for the community to show Inman's family that they care.

Logan Police locate body of woman in Athens County Tuesday night

March 30

ATHENS COUNTY, Ohio - Authorities say they may have found the body of an Ohio woman who disappeared last week. 

Logan police said late Tuesday that investigators searching in Athens County near U.S. Highway 33 might have discovered the body of Summer Inman, who disappeared March 22. Chief Aaron Miller did not say why he believes the body might be Inman's or what led police to the area.
The Athens County Sherriff's Office told our Columbus partners WBNS that the body is Inman. 

Inman's estranged husband and in-laws all face a charge of kidnapping in her disappearance. Police say they were seen on a car wash surveillance video appearing to vacuum and make alterations to their car the morning after she went missing. 

Police say she was forced into a white Crown Victoria, the same model used in the video by the suspects, 26-year-old William Inman II of Akron and his parents. 


Summer Inman said...


Read the details the media is leaving out at THE SUMMER INMAN MURDER : THE TRUE STORY at:

Feel free to post and share with our family of readers who are greiving, venting, and questioning this tragedy.


Anonymous said...

Please I beg all women leaving an abusive relationship to get help from a battered women's shelter or group. They will help you make a plan to keep you and your kids safe. Leaving an abuser (and up to two years after leaving them) is the most dangerous time. You leave and think you're safe and you finally feel a sense of freedom. But those are false feelings, it really takes much longer to truly be free and have security. It is worth it though, to get free from abuse. Just be extra cautious and get help from professionals. Let not have anymore missing moms. :)

Anonymous said...

Sadly, too many mothers go missing and are found dead or never found across this country. I pray for justice for Summer and all those other moms too.


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