Thursday, July 14, 2011

Rebecca Lynn Simmons Missing From Anderson County,SC FOUND

Each morning as I check my email, there is a Google alert for missing persons from South Carolina, my home state.  Usually I know about most of the missing because of networking on Facebook and various missing persons sites, however, I had not heard of Rebecca Lynn Simmons who has been missing since May 8, 2011 from a WalMart parking lot in Anderson County.

Two things bothered me about this particular missing mother.  The first thing I do is check the news stories, other missing persons sites, Google and Facebook to see if there is further information about the case.  As I found the page on Facebook that her family members put up (with only 55 "likes") I was struck by something sounding familiar.  One of the members posted a response from one of their local news outlets:

"...investigators say they don't believe foul play is involved or that she is in any danger. Please know I realize you and your family are still concerned about her well being. Because she is an adult and investigators don't believe she is in harms way (at this time) there's nothing I can do story wise." (June 30)

Unfortunately, this is a typical response when an adult goes missing. The first news reports didn't go out until July 13.  This is outrageous! Two months have passed and no one has taken the pleas of this family seriously.  Precious evidence is already gone which could have clues as to what happened to Rebecca Lynn Simmons.

The second thing that bothered me greatly was the last place she was seen was a WalMart parking lot.  Memories of Alice Donovan came flooding back to me.  Alice was one of the first missing mothers I wrote about, the case from which this blog was born.  Luckily, her family knew to check certain records immediately and were able to get investigators to react quickly.  Although Alice was abducted, tortured and murdered, her killers were caught and are now on death row.  Her remains would not be found for 6 years, leaving the worst nightmare for her daughters and other family members to live through.

News accounts say that Rebecca Lynn Simmons had an active warrant for a probation violation.  Perhaps she wasn't on the right side of the law, and that's a reason that authorities believed she may have walked away from her life, but it's not a good enough reason not to actively look for her.  Her family, as thousands of others, didn't know what to do first, she wasn't reported missing until May 31, again, losing precious time.
Simmons’ mother, Jewell Craig, said she has kept a picture of her daughter in her pocket since she disappeared. "It just makes me feel a little better. Even though I don't know where she is, I got this and I can say, 'I love you,' to her picture," said Craig. "When I change my shirt, I take it out and put it in my clean shirt."

The family of Rebecca Lynn Simmons has entered the world of the missing.  It's a world where no one has chosen to be, but are thrust into it by circumstances.  My hope is that they will be able to connect to the good people who will do what they can to help.  They need many, many different kinds of help, from support to passing out flyers, from prayer to someone to assist them with law enforcement and media attention.  

Perhaps they will contact CUE Center for Missing Persons to get that help.  Monica Caison and her group of volunteers are the best in the nation and can possibly make a change in direction for this missing mother case.
CUE Center can be reached 24 hours a day at 910-232-1687.

Rebecca Lynn Simmons had no money, and her cell phone has been cut off since she went missing.  Authorities, two months later, admit there may be foul play connected with her vanishing. 

Simmons is described as 5 feet 7 inches tall with blonde hair, hazel eyes and tattoos on both sides of her neck.

Simmons’ family has also set up a Facebook account dedicated to finding her.

To see the Facebook page, click here.

Lynn was driving a 1994 Ford Ranger. The tag expired on 5/31/2011. The truck is GRAY and the bottom is spray painted BLUE.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office at 864-260-4400.


July 15, 2011........Rebecca Lynn Simmons has been found.

ANDERSON, SC (FOX Carolina) -
The Anderson County Coroner's Office said Friday that a body found in an abandoned well on Thursday was that of a woman missing since May.
The well was located on property in a remote area off Hurricane Creek Road.
Chad McBride, of the Anderson County Sheriff's Office, said an investigator was at the property when he looked down into the well and saw what appeared to be human remains at the bottom.
Crews were sent into the well and determined that the investigator did indeed see a human body.
The Anderson County Coroner's Office said Friday afternoon that the remains are that of 45-year-old Rebecca Simmons.
Simmons's family said she had been missing since May 8.
Watch FOX Carolina News at 6:30 p.m. and 10 p.m. for the latest on this developing story.


SweetP said...

This shows how people that are taught that they cannot be judgmental.. still are. No matter what happened in her life, she is someone's child. If she had been from an influential family, it would have been in all media available. Very sad that humans cannot kick the judgement habit. Keep her family in my thoughts!

M. Beasley said...

Thank you for your help. She will forever be missed.

Anonymous said...

SweetP said...

My heart goes out to her family, expecially her mom. I can't imagine losing one of my children, expecially in such a manner. Will keep them in my prayers, as well as praying for justice for her.

Anonymous said...

Wow....I know first hand how this mothers heart is breaking into as well are friends and the rest of her family. It is absolutely worst job on Law Enforcement side. What seperated her (Lynn) from any other missing adult? Lynn (Rebecca) was funny and always had a joke to bring a smile. Ive known her all my life and will never forget her. Theres only ONE with out sin so consider that before opening your mouth.In fact, The best place to talk about some one is on your knees in prayer. We all have made bad choices in our life at some point but that shouldnt be what defines that life.All Please continue to pray for this family and seek justice for the reason this mother of two just didnt matter enough when she should have from day one.I love you Lynn. Rest with the angels now. you will never be forgotten....,nay

Anonymous said...

Lynn spent the better part of her life seeking to surround herself with people who would accept her and love her for who she truly was. A daughter, mother, and sister, who wanted nothing more than to take care of her kids. This tragedy may have been mishandled in some areas but rest assured Lynn, justice will be brought down hard on those responsible for taking you from your family and friends. We LOVE you, and miss you dearly. Watch over us and guide our paths until we all meet again. With love from all of us may u rest in peace

Anonymous said...

We all make mistakes n life but no one ever deserves to b thrown away like trash.i hope tht whn its tht persons tme 4 judgement tht god will give thm life in hell.may u rest n peace an me an my family will pray for u an ur family( god bless u)o b thrown away like trash.i hope tht whn its tht persons tme 4 judgement tht god will give thm life in hell.may u rest n peace an me an my family will pray for u an ur family( god bless u)

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