Friday, June 13, 2008

Rebecca Pauline Gary

Becky Gary was a young, single mother working as a waitress to support herself and her daughter. At the time of her disappearance she had allegedly been having an affair with then Governor of Louisiana, Edwin Edwards. Her plan that December was to break off the affair.

December of 1988 doesn't seem like such a long time ago for most of us, but for Jamie Williams it must feel like eternity, or just yesterday. She was a young girl when her mother, Becky Gary, put her on a bus to spend Christmas holidays with other family members in Shreveport, Louisiana. I would imagine to a little girl it seemed a harsh thing to do, and she reportedly argued with her mother about it at the bus station. Little did Jamie know at the time that it would be the last words she spoke to her mother.

According to Becky Gary's apartment manager, her lights and coffee pot were on, bath water was in her tub, and her purse, car, keys and all her clothes were left behind. Her suitcase was on her bed as if she were packing to leave. There were no signs of struggle. Rebecca Pauline Gary has never been seen or heard of since that night of December 27, 1988.

Where did she go on such short notice, taking nothing with her? Was she so afraid of something that she just ran out of her home never to look back? Where is the manilla envelope she carried always and hid under her bed? That envelope could be holding the keys to solving this mystery, for Becky told her family that if anything should happen to her they should open the envelope.

The manilla envelope is missing as well as Rebecca Gary. Both vanished at the same time. Jamie Williams has gone ahead with her life, but constantly sees her mother, constantly searches for her, constantly questions what could have happened.

Where are the clues? Someone knows and has the answer for Jamie, the young daughter left behind.


Maggie's Rose said...


You are in my thoughts and prayers...that you may soon find some answers about you Mom.


Jim Idema said...


I'm Jim Idema, writer, director and producer for Brandella Films in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I understand you contacted us through Myspace in regards to our film, "A Daughter's Hope," and I'd be very interested in talking with you.

Please email me at and we'll talk.


Jim Idema
Writer, director, producer
Brandella Films, LLC
PO Box 182
Belmont, MI 49306 (email)
616-635-8849 (ph.)

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