Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Alice Donovan

Gallivants Ferry, SC is just an old, small, rural southern town. Spanish moss drips from the live oaks just as you would imagine. This is the place Alice Donovan and her family moved to from New England to build their dream home and live out the rest of their dreams.

According to family members, Alice didn't always have a dreamy life. She was mistreated during childhood, left home at 16 and married a man who abused her for 17 years. She and her 2 daughters, Angie and Jennifer, finally made the split and she was able to start living her life with no fear.

Alice met the man of her dreams and in 1997 they moved to South Carolina. Within the next few years her daughters and their families joined them so that they could all interact as a family should. They were all very close.

November 14, 2002 Alice went to the local Wal-Mart in Conway, not far from their home. The security tape shows Alice being car-jacked and kidnapped from their parking lot. Alice made a phone call to her daughter, explaining that she was okay. Later it was told that she sounded stressed and that she was not able to talk freely. That was the last word from her.

I personally remember following this in the news, wondering when she would turn up. This case haunted the local news for quite some time. They found that Alice's credit cards had been used around Little River and again in Raleigh, NC. Still, there was hope that she would be found alive somewhere.

Her car was found in Goshen, IN, days later, abandoned by the two scumbags (I will not give their names anymore ink) who took her away, assaulted and murdered her. Two escapees from a KY prison who were on a crime spree that spread over two weeks and several states.

Time went on, searches took place, the two murderers were captured, tried, and sentenced to death row. Alice's remains have never been found. The murderers refuse to tell what they did with her.

We know the fate that Alice suffered. She deserved so much better than that, but now, after all these years her daughters and family members still don't know where she is.

How can human beings be so full of evil that they would continue to taunt their victims? Why? They have no secrets any longer, they will die on death row, why won't they tell us where she is? It seems so simple, and just the right thing to do.

My heart goes out to Angie and Jennifer and Alice's family who have to live this every day.


Anonymous said...

How incredibly cruel...that poor difficult to even comprehend.

Many, many prayers for them.

Maggie's Rose

ange said...

I am Alice Donovans oldest daughter Angie and in complete awe right now...
I stumbled upon this site when I googled my mothers name. Wow I didn't think that anyone thought of her anymore except us (her family)! You don't know how much this means to me that we are still thought of and that my mother is thought of by others besides her family..Thank you for all your kind words and thoughts.


Delilah said...


I hope you see this. You are so very welcome. This entry was hard for me to write because I live local and followed the case. I looked for updates everywhere, and until I did some research, I did not know that your Mother was still missing after all this time.

If you like, I would invite you to take a look at the site

There are a couple others there who are still searching for their loved ones. Maybe together you all can find some comfort. If you would like to be active or just read, it is up to what ever you are comfortable with.

Please, please know that your mother is not forgotten. If there is anything I can do for you or your family, please let me know.


KathyZ said...

My name is Kathy... I am a cousin of Alices, tho I dont remember if I ever got to meet her. My mom & Alices mom (my Aunt Annette) are sisters. Alice has weighed heavy on my mind alot lately & when I put her name in my earthlink search I couldn't believe how many things came up. I wish those 2 pieces of crap would come clean about where she is, so the family can bring her home & lay her to rest. Tho it's sad that she's 'gone' at least she'll be there in spirit & her soul will be at peace. And the family can be at peace knowing rhat she is. I'll have to let my mom know about this site & the others as she's been thinking of Alice alot lately too. I wish I could have known her & met her kids. Our thoughts & prayers are with her daughters & the rest of her family...

ange said...


if you come back and read this go to

I am Ange, Alice's daughter and you can find me there. I love peace 4! I have found it so comforting and my little place to drift off with thoughts of my mom and vent as well. Check us out.

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