Monday, July 28, 2008

Faye Aline Self, Her Daughter's Words

Missing since 1983 and having two notorious serial killers, Henry Lee Lucas and Robert Charles Brown, both confess to having murdered her, you would think this case would be screaming in the headlines. That is not the case. This daughter has been on a 25 year quest to find the answers, the REAL answers. Over the years authorities have given her hope to resolving her mother's disappearance only to have that hope dashed and replaced by another theory and confession. Back to square one, and the emotional roller coaster that always accompanies a child looking for her mother.


Did you know he was the apartment maintenance man to the complex where my mom disappeared & where Ms. Hudson was murdered? The most vicious murder that community has ever seen and Browne WASN"T Even Questioned...that still angers me.

It is devastating from a child's point of view sure, but as I have grown older, I needed her here with me. When I got married, when I held my first newborn and looked down into those beautiful blue eyes and thought, "God. Mom I wish you could see this angel.' But, I guess she saw him before I did. When I was up all night with a sick child, scared and unsure... motherly advise would have been great...when I got a promotion at work...the sorrow and grief doesn't end one day. It is something we will carry with us forever. It molds us into the women we become.

I have told my children about her, their grandmother, my son replied, "Man, Momma, I wish I could have known her." Me too boy.

My mom was one of the funniest people I have ever known. Naturally funny, she didn't have to try. And, she never ever was violent, not so much as a spanking. So, for her to meet her demise the way she did is terribly ironic.

I hope this helps you, and I hope I didn't babble too much! Thanks again for your heart and all you ladies do!


Please read more about the disappearance of Faye Aline Self at the following sites. Children will always search for their mothers, no matter how long it takes.


mammabear said...

How frustrating...all of those 'What if' questions. There appears to be a pattern within our justice system. Is the system more concerned with protecting a criminal's rights than the rights of their victims?
Where were Faye Aline Self's rights? Where were her daughter's rights to grow up and share those most precious moments throughout life...the right of having a mom to turn to when the rest of the world felt cold.
Thank you Delilah for posting on Faye Aline Self. I pray her daughter receives the answers she more than deserves. I know these answers won't bring Faye Aline Self back, but at least she can have closure.


Maggie's Rose said...

Isn't losing your mother without any amount of closure bad enough? The fact that Aline's family's emotions were also jerked around by a seemingly selfish desire to close a case is wrong!

Finder said...

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