Sunday, July 13, 2008

Kristen Anderson

Wheeling, WV sits on the Ohio River and is a city that is rich in history. The people who live their are strong, determined people who worked in coal mines, steel mills, and glass factories. A sister across the river is Martins Ferry, Ohio and the people of both areas will not give up hope that one day a young mother will be found.

Kristen Anderson's life was taken from her at the age of 24 by a controlling, abusive, violent husband, James. Kristen had moved out of their home and in with a friend to escape the years of abuse. It was here that a violent argument ensued and when her friend came downstairs to soothe a crying child, Kristen was nowhere to be found, although her glasses, purse, and cell phone were left behind.

Oct. 1, 2006 was the last time Kristen was seen, on surveillance video, her lifeless body being carried out of James' apartment and put into the trunk of his car. Where he took her from there, no one knows.

He was brazen enough to tell a friend that his wife's body would never be found and yet cowardly enough to take his own life when he found out about the incriminating video, never telling anyone where the mother of his children could be found. It is an awful and gruesome story and he took it to his grave.

Kristen's mother, Mary Dailey, knew something was wrong that morning and tried to file a missing person's report but was told she had to wait 24 hours before investigators would take the report. She turned to a local news station for help, but still had to wait the 24 hours before police would step in to help.

In the midst of all of this horror were two little boys, Michael and Eric. They reportedly witnessed years of abuse their mother suffered at the hands of James Anderson, including the night she died. It has been reported that they witnessed their mother sitting on the couch that morning, but she wouldn't talk to them and little Michael told his grandmother later that Mommy felt very cold when he touched her.

Kristen's brother, Ed, saw a large barrel next to his sister's home that was gone shortly after she vanished and wonders if James put Kristen inside the barrel and sent it into the Ohio River.

There are several areas of speculation concerning where Kristen's body may be, but so far she has not been located, leaving behind two young sons who are now being raised by their grandmother, along with three other grandchildren. At the memorial service the two youngsters cried in grief when they saw pictures of their mother and clung to their remaining family members.

These two young boys, along with the rest of Kristen's family and friends are all victims of domestic violence. Although the memorial service was meant for closure to those who loved her, there can never be closure until she is found and brought home to the family that loves her.

Please go to the links provided to read the details of this sad case. Keep these little boys in your prayers and pray that they heal from the deep wounds that have been inflicted upon them.


Maggie's Rose said...

The actions of this Father gives a whole new, intensified meaning to the word selfish...tragic!

Many prayers for this family...

EdWv30 said...

I am Kristen's brother and we still haven't found her. Please contact me at if you have any information that may help. Thank you.

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