Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Lucely "Lilly" Aramburo, Ignored or Coverup?

The mounting frustration in any missing persons case is significant. There is so much to do and emotions are raw. The family and friends who work tirelessly, day and night, cling to any little bit of information no matter how negligible it may seem to anyone else. Every bit of uncovered evidence is scrutinized and analyzed with hope for the clue to bring that person home.

Lilly's case is not that much different other than the fact that she has become real to me through the efforts of her friend. Just when you think you have made a breakthrough, something is there to knock you back again. This is what she has been going through for over a year in her search for Lilly. She found solace in the fact that many of us on the internet were willing to do some behind the scenes work for her, emailing, calling, and setting up connections.

Then, once again, the brick wall. Miami Dade detectives have stifled her efforts every time. She has turned in tips, passed on information, all the right things. They choose to react at their own convenience. Many clues and much evidence which could bring a solution to this case has either been destroyed, covered up or ignored.

There is a piece of property in Miami that could hold answers. The owners have given permission to search the property, she has enlisted Search and Rescue teams, but Miami police will not give their needed approval to carry out these searches. They say they want to conduct their own. That is all well and good, but when are they going to get around to it, after even more evidence is destroyed?

There has been a plethora of clues uncovered in this case and they point to the unthinkable. Something happened the night of June 1, 2007 and there are those who know the answers. Lilly Aramburo did not walk out into the night at 2am in her pajamas to pick flowers.

Lilly possibly never left the home of Christen Pacheco that night on her own, but that home is now vacant and up for sale and has never been searched for forensic evidence. She could have been transported away from there to another place, but the vehicle in question was destroyed under strange circumstances.

What connections does Christen Pacheco have that keep him from being formally questioned in Lilly's disappearance? Thousands have joined in this effort to bring this case to the forefront, but MDPD, elected officials, and even the media have not responded properly.

If you would like to make a difference today, please write to the Governor, the Mayor of Miami, the US Attorney, and any and all media outlets you can google. Let's start making a noise that will be heard until Lilly comes home. Her son, Palden, deserves to know that his mother loves him and did not leave him voluntarily.

The telephone number to the US Attorney R. Alexander Costa's Office is 305-530-7679.

Their website address is: (English) (Spanish)

Governor Charlie Crist at
Attorney General Bill McCollum at

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Maggie's Rose said...


Thank You for this heartwarming post on have done so much for helping bring justice to her and her family...I am honored and humbled to know you and thank you for continually making this world a better place, for so many.

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