Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Renee Lynette Kyles

A close knit family that spans four generations is missing a piece of the fabric that links them all. Renee Lynette Kyles is the daughter of an 80 year old mother, and she is a mother and grand mother. Renee moved to Kalamazoo, Michigan from Chicago to be near her daughter, La Joya Newton and her grand daugther. La Joya is the last known person to see her mother before she went missing and in her words "It's a big void in my life."

La Joya and her 11 year old watch and wait and search and pass out flyers. There are many sleepless nights waiting for the knock on the door, whether it be Renee or anyone with some information about her. The family has offered a $1000 reward for information and are frustrated as none has come forth since September 8, 2007 when La Joya and Renee had their last visit. The daily phone calls stopped and there was no more contact between mother and daughter. On September 17 La Joya reported to authorities that her mother was missing.

The last known siting of Renee was after her visit with La Joya, when some friends saw her leave her home and get into a black Pontiac. There is a video of Renee in the lobby of a local hotel from September 7, but no one knows if it has any significance in her disappearance. (video)

On September 19, Renee's birthday, her abandoned car was found with a suitcase and clothes in the trunk. The window was broken, but authorities did not find any evidence of foul play in the car. Could Renee Kyles have walked away from her life and her family? Investigators don't believe that to be true, nor does her family.

Faith and hope are what keep this family going. Detectives believe there is some kind of foul play involved, but have no leads. Renee's 80 year old mother, Alberta Whitley, has found that leaning on her faith in God will bring her answers.

But still, a beloved mother is missing and her family is torn with grief, yet holding on to their faith that she will return to them.

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