Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Bradley Olsen, John Spira, and Scott Arcaro

This is a departure for the usual "Mothers are Vanishing" as I am featuring a Father that has vanished.
Bradely Olsen was out on January 20, 2007 having a good time at a night club in DeKalb, IL. He knew that he had too much to drink to drive home safely, so he used his cell phone to call someone to give him a ride home from the bar he where he was drinking.

The cell phone went dead and Brad has not been seen or heard from since. It was very cold that night, and although he was living with his parents, they were on vacation in Florida at the time. Stating that they had never gone more than a few days not hearing from him, they reported him missing four days later.

According to family members, Brad had no motive, nor the means to drop out of sight or walk away to start a new life. He is a father to a beautiful little girl, his mother and father and siblings are part of a big family, who has rallied with all the support they can, to search and bring awareness to the community.

Along with Brad Olsen, several others in Illinois went missing in 2007, among them are Lisa Stebic, Scott Arcaro and John Spira. Brad's family has combined efforts with their families to search as much as possible any areas that may hold clues to what happened to any of these adults.

Thursday, August 28, Cue Center, based in Wilmington, NC, will be present at a rally sponsored by the family of Brad Olsen. Each year Cue Center, founded by Monica Caison, goes on the road for thousands of miles,making countless stops, to bring each community awareness of those there who are missing.

Please plan to attend the rally and support the families of all the missing who will be honored there.

Cue Center Road To Remember Tour Rally
Thursday, August 28, 2008
Maple Park Fire Department
305 S. county Line Road
Maple Park, IL


mammabear said...

Thank you for bringing even more awareness to the case of Brad Olsen. I'd think fathers are missed too.

Delilah said...

Mammabear you are right....there are so many Missing Fathers that are equally missed! I wish I had 8 days a week!

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