Saturday, August 23, 2008

Bethanie Doughtery

From the pictures and entries on her family guest book you can almost feel the vibrancy of Bethanie Doughtery. Bethanie, also known as "Buffy", was reported missing from her home in Killowog, NY on the evening of April 2, 2008 because she had not been seen by anyone in her family all that day, nor had she reported for work at the XMart at her scheduled early morning shift.

Bethanie usually was up around 3am to prepare for that early morning shift at the XMart, 25 miles away from her home. Customers and co-workers alike were said to have enjoyed knowing her and it was not like her to just not show up for work. Later it was discovered that two of Bethanie's neighbors had separately made 9-1-1 calls reporting a woman screaming, police responded but did not find anything amiss in the area.

After she was reported missing, police returned to the home to find that her car was in the driveway, everything she owned was still in her house, including her clothes and all personal belongings. It is reported that their was no sign of a struggle in or around the house.

The last person to see her was her 18 year old son who lived with her in the home full time. He says that it was around 10pm when he last saw his mother, in her purple pajamas, inside the house. Several searches have been performed my members of the close knit community and Bethanies numerous friends and family members, but nothing has been produced as to the whereabouts of Bethanie. Police are still investigating a sighting of a truck seen in the area that may or may not be connected to the case.

Along with Bethanie's 18 year old son are two younger siblings, 15 and 14, a house full of teenagers from a previous marriage. Bethanie and her estranged husband of eight years, Bill Dougherty were separated since January and had several arguments over the home they shared on Jennings Creek, the same home Bethanie was living in when she vanished. It is also reported that since the separation Bethanie had gone on dates with a few other men, but nothing in the way of a serious relationship.

Her mother describes her as a person who loved everybody and everything, a wonderful person and a mother who loved and doted on her three children. It's said that Bethanie was outgoing, compassionate and yet stubborn, a woman who would guard her principles and children.

Three teenage children left wondering what happened to their mother early in the morning of April 2, are missing the guidance and teachings of a mother ready to spring her children from the nest. These children are left behind to search for answers with a void left in their young lives that will never be filled until their mother is returned to them.

The investigation continues, the searches go on, the leads are being followed, the family is keeping a candle burning for Bethanie.

On Monday, August 25, the family of Bethanie Doughery will be sponsoring a stop on the Cue Center Road To Remember Tour in Marathon, NY at the Three Bear Hotel and Inn located at 3 Broome Street at 10:30am. If you are near this area, please attend and show support for this family. Encourage her mother, father, sisters and other family members, but most of all the three children who desparately need to have their mother brought home.;topicseen

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