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Carol Batten Dowless

Whiteville, North Carolina is a small rural town situated west of Wilmington on Hwy 74 in Columbus County and not far from the border of South Carolina. It is surrounded by small communities most likely named for family farms such as Wyatts Crossroads, Wooten's Crossroads, Smith Crossroads, and many others. It's in this area that the Batten family owns horse pastures and where Carol "Prissy" Batten Dowless' vehicle was found in the early morning on September 4, 2005.

It is reported that Carol, known as Prissy, had gone missing a couple other times in the past, but she was located before reports to police would be filed. Prissy and her husband Jamie Dowless had 4 children, the oldest, Prissy's from a previous relationship and the youngest just 3 months old when her mother vanished.

There were the usual arguments in the marriage, but no domestic violence reports were ever made, and Jamie moved near his parents with all 4 children after Prissy went missing. Carol's father, Roger Batten, a long haul trucker, is still very involved with his grandchildren, and has stated that is one of the reasons he gets upset. Explanations to young children are difficult when there are no answers.

There have been several conflicting reports of the events on September 4, 2005, and according to the detective, the case has virtually hit a brick wall. They desperately need new clues to continue to move forward in the investigation.

Four young children wait and wonder, and will for a very long time, for answers to questions no one can answer. The mystery continues, did Prissy just walk away from her children and family that early morning? Her father talked to her that morning around 1am on the same cell phone that was found later broken in pieces. Did someone pick her up and leave with her? her husband reported hearing a vehicle leave their home around 5am.

If Prissy is out there somewhere, her family just wants to know that she is alright.

The family of Carol Batten Dowless will be honoring her and bringing attention to her case on Tuesday, September 2, 2008 by sponsoring a stop on the Cue Center Road To Remember Tour. Hopefully many members of the community will meet at the WalMart parking lot in Whiteville and support this family and the Cue Center. (Cue Center)


Missing Persons billboard generates tips to find Dowless

Oct. 15, 2008

There has been a major break in the murder case of a Columbus County woman. The Columbus County Sheriff's Office has arrested and charged a man with first-degree murder is in the case of Carol Batten Dowless. The man in custody is the victim's husband, Jamie Lee Dowless. The charges follow Monday's positive identification of her remains. The remains were found within weeks of putting up a billboard with her picture. The positive identification of Carol Batten Dowless' remains brings little closure to her friends and family. “When I go to bed tonight, my mama's not coming back. When I wake up in the morning she's not going to be there,” said Denise Batten, Carol’s daughter. While they now know it was in fact her body found in a wooded area in Chadbourn, questions still remains. Carol’s father, Roger Batten said, “I want to know why and everything that brought this on. I don't want to have no secret having to wonder how it happened or nothing like that.” A billboard unveiled September 10th, played a key part in generating tips as to where her body might be. “That was a real big help. We waited three years and within twenty days of the bill board going up we knew,” said Mr. Batten. Within just 16 days of its unveiling, the Columbus County Sheriff's Office found Dowless' remains about a quarter mile from her family home. That two weeks cracked a three year, missing persons case. The Cue Center for Missing Persons raised more a thousand dollars for the billboard. “Billboards kind-of replace that effort where you’re constantly putting out posters. It is a great effort, but after weather and time, they get taken down. A billboard sort of replaces that because it’s in your face and it’s life-sized,” said Monica Caison of the Cue Center. The billboard is being credited by Columbus County detectives with helping lead to a suspect in this three-year-old case. Columbus County coroner said he can not determine the exact cause of Carol Dowless' death, but that foul play had been definitely involved.

Dowless pleads guilty to voluntary manslaughter in wife's death

Feb. 28, 2011

WHITEVILLE, N.C. – A Columbus County man pleaded guilty to the 2005 death of his wife. Jamey Dowless was arrested in 2008 and charged with killing his wife, Carol Batten-Dowless.
Carol Batten-Dowless was murdered in Sept. 2005. Her Remains were found three years later. In 2008, a tip led Columbus County Sheriff's deputies to a wooded area outside of Whiteville where they found her remains.
The remains were found just down the street from her father's home. Authorities say Batten-Dowless was strangled to death after a fight with her husband.
Jamey Dowless was arrested in Oct. 2008 about three weeks after his wife's remains were found. He pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter in the case last week. He will serve between 94 and 122 months in prison. 

However, the 34-year-old has 860-day credit for time served since his arrest reducing the minimum time down to 65 months. 

Carol, who was nicknamed "Prissy", left behind four girls.


Maggie's Rose said...

4 more children I now know of with a Missing Mother...4 more little ones, 4 more innocent victims to such a great and deep cutting pain...

Praying for answers for them, and that somehow their Mama will come home...

ankur said...

I will definitely pray for this family.

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Anonymous said...

Hello this lady was my ant prissy i miss her dearly she was like a mother her youngest is now 6 bout to be 7 jun 26 and when im around her she is always telling me about her times wid her mother but she was only months old when her mother passed. but see i know how that lil girl feels i was 2 when i was taken from my mother onwn situations but my mother has come to pass and so has my father. but ant prissy left this earth when i was 7 im 14 now and i still feel like i can see her smileing at me when i close my eyes telling me every things okay because of her i got the love of a mother a friend a sister but most of all it was just grate nowing she was there when i need her. Ps: Prissy was carol's nickname .

Anonymous said...

OMG I miss Prissy so bad she was one of my best friends since before either of us had kids I remember all our childhood past times there are no bad memories of her she was a little polder then me so she was always giving me advise and rescueing me whe i got my self in trouble sometimes i still catch myself picking up the phone to call her i know she was a wonderful mother,wife and friend i tell my children war stories about our time together i will always love and adore her

Delilah said...

Thank you all for commenting here with your remembrances of Prissy. I met her family at the CUE Center Conference a couple years ago when she was honored. I still pray that the family is able to find peace, especially the children. She will always be missed, but always in their hearts.

martina marie dowless said...

Hi, i want to let you all knowcarol was my mother. I was her secound child and i only got to spend 8years with my mother before she pasted. Someimes i set in my room and think about all thethings i never got to say to my mama i never got to tell her how much i loved her or how much i thanked her for being a great mother. but when it comes down to it i know my mama loved me and my other 3sisters. i miss my mama more than anything in this world and i wish with everything within me that i can bring her back and it hurts so much! but i know i will see my mama again and tell her all the things tat had gotten left out before. rest in piece mama i'll see you soon(:

Unknown said...

I miss my cousin prissy

Bevin Batten said...

I miss my cousin prissy

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