Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Rachel Conger

I have copied this entry, with permission, from the blog I felt that it described the events better than I could myself, and Rachel's daughter, 13 year old Amber, speaks her words.

As a footnote to this entry, Amber was able to reach her $4000 goal by organizing her fundraisers. A search was performed Saturday, August 9. Rachel is still missing and Amber needs our encouragement and support.

One Henry County Daughter’s Effort to Find Missing Mother
Press Release

On Thursday, March 13, 2008, thirteen-year-old Amber Simmons awoke to a day that would change her life forever. Her mother, Rachel Conger, was missing and Amber has since been doing everything that she can to help find her mother. On April 13, Amber organized a candlelight vigil at the Henry County Court House to honor and pray for her mother to be found. Since the first month of her mother’s disappearance, Amber has since turned her attention to raising money to bring in professional search organizations to help find her mother, Rachel Conger.

Her daughter, Amber, is the driving force behind each event to help find her mother whom she dearly misses. She had this to say to the community; ''I really want my mom found; she means the world to me. What 13 year old would not want their mom found? I am appreciative for what everyone has done to support us & help search for my mom. I ask for your continued support to help bring her home.''

On June 27, Amber organized a car wash at Advanced Auto Parts that raised $500. When faced with needing to reach an initial goal of $4000.00, Amber got to work organizing two more fundraisers. On July 12, the “Bring Rachel Home” bake sale was held at E.W. James & Sons, and raised $834.00 and on July 26; the “Bring Rachel Home” yard sale raised $550.00. In the planning stages is a benefit concert, which is set to be held on August 23rd, at Casey Jones Village/Old Country Store Amphitheater in Jackson, TN (more details about performers and the time that concert starts will be available in the next several days).

All proceeds from the fundraisers will help cover the immediately needed travel expenses for their upcoming Search & Rescue set for Aug 9th. United Response Search & Rescue Organization has offered the family their assistance with Law Enforcement in search efforts for missing Rachel Conger. They are a Texas based Non-Profit Search & Rescue Organization who aid in searches for missing children & adults nationwide. Their search is set for August 4-10th, with a volunteer community search on August 9th. It will take the community's continued support to help them reach their $4,000 urgently needed goal for ongoing search and rescue efforts.

They are asking for volunteer searchers from the public on Saturday, August 9th. Please spread the word, as we need about 250- 300 volunteers to help aid us in our efforts. More details will be available soon. We are also in need of food and water donations for that day. If willing to donate meals or drinks, please contact:

Newly added to their site, is a heart tugging beautiful music video tribute slide show, in honor of missing Rachel. To learn more about missing Rachel Conger or to make a contribution please visit:


Maggie's Rose said...

Only the most beautiful, compassionate of Mothers would be able to create a child like incredible, realizing all the valuable insight Rachel's daughter can teach us all.

ankur said...

I hope everything would be fine with Amber.

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