Saturday, August 9, 2008

Cynthia Louise Day

For two young girls about to embark into their own grownup lives in 1990, one just giving her mother a new grandchild, the other just 18, the turn of events would shape the women they have become today. Cynthia Louise Day just packed everything she owned and walked out of her life as a mother and grandmother. For the next 18 years, two women are left with a series of "whys"?

Many things were happening in Cynthia's life at the time. She witnessed the death of her brother, allegedly a suicide, but perhaps Cynthia knew the truth of what really happened. Cynthia was into a long term relationship that was somehow turning sour, her boyfriend disappearing the same day, and it was obvious they left together.

Melody and Kimberly did what any family would do and contacted East St. Louis Police and reported Cynthia missing, hoping that their mother would be found somewhere and reunited with her daughters and grandchild. Months turned into years, and assuming that police were investigating the case, calling each time a body was found, they went on with their lives.

In 2004, wanting to get her mother registered with different agencies and set up a website to honor her, Melody found that the police had never opened up an investigation on Cynthia's disappearence and no missing person's report was filed.

Over the years and through many other twists and turns, Cynthia's boyfriend was located in prison, now paroled, but he swears he knows nothing about her vanishing, and no law enforcement agency has thoroughly investigated his claims of innocence.

So the hunt continues, on and on, for a mother and grandmother who is a piece of the heart of a family left to wonder where she might be and what happened to her. A family who loves her and misses her and will continue the hunt until they no longer can.

From Investigation Discovery:

When asked what she would like to say to her mother, Melody responded:

"I love and miss you so much. I am still looking for you all these years later and will continue to look for you until I find you. You have a beautiful family that is still hopeful. We will do whatever we can to keep your memory alive."

Melody has also asked me to pass on these memories of her mother, Cynthia:

"My mother was the best in our eyes!!! She was so very compassionate and loved by many. Whenever her name is brought up (of course it still is :), everyone smiles. She was a neat freak and passed it on to "some" family members. :) Organization was very important in her life. This is one reason we know she would never leave on her own accord without notifying at least one family member... Mother is missed soooooo much by her family that we still can't imagine life without her 18 years later...."

Daughter of missing Cynthia Day

Please join us in supporting the search efforts of Cynthia Louise Day.


Maggie's Rose said...

I'm so glad you shared more about the story of Cynthia Louise Day, I was not familiar with her case until she was featured here and a family member joined Peace 4 the Missing...but, what a story! So sad, those poor girls of hers, to find out that LE actually had not even filed her report!

I truly hope and pray that we all might work together to finally bring about some answers to this incredibly strong and loving family.

mammabear said...

Why is it that LE often misleads family into thinking that a case has been opened, when in fact nothing is being done?
Prayers for the family that they might receive answers to this puzzling case.

findcynthiasafe said...

The Day Family couldn't be more pleased with the story done here on "Mothers are Vanishing". As a matter of fact, it's one of the best write ups done thus far regarding Cynthia. Keep up the great work you're doing as it means waaaay more than you know to our family. Way to go Delilah!!!!

Thank you sooooo much,
The Day Family

ankur said...

Its really a nice story,thanks for sharing.

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Dayly Specialz said...

The remains of Cynthia Louise Day have finally been identified. Thank you to each and every one of you involved in bringing mommy home.

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