Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Carol Dowless, a Daughter's Plea

I had the pleasure of attending the last rally stop on the CUE Center "On The Road To Remember Tour" in Whiteville, NC sponsored by the family of Carol Batten Dowless.

There were several speakers, including the founder of CUE Center, Monica Caison, and we were led in prayer by a humble servant of God.

When the scheduled speakers ended, a young girl stepped up to the podium and held the microphone in her shaking hand. The oldest daughter of Carol Dowless spoke tearfully about her missing mother and how much she missed having her in her daily life.

Once again, the words most spoken in these cases were said...."My Mother would NEVER leave me!" This young girl told us that even in the past when her mother would leave the home, the first thing she ALWAYS did was gather up the children.

So many daughters, and sons, remember the harsh words spoken in the past and wish more than anything that they would have a second chance to take them all back and let their mothers know how much they really love them. They would be willing to live up to every bargain they made with God just to have that second chance.

As the yellow "smiley face" balloons were released to the sky, there was an air of hope reverberating through the crowd. Hope that Carol Dowless will be brought home to her family.

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mammabear said...

Thank you for posting about missing mother, Carol Dowless. I'm glad you had the opportunity to attend CUE Center 'On the Road to Remember Tour' It must have been a very emotional gathering!

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