Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Kelly Currin Morris

As if scripted from a handbook, another mother vanishes in North Carolina and her husband is declared by law enforcment a "person of interest." Following in the same pattern as those before, Scott Morris has not participated in searches for his wife, has not given a straight story, and according to local gossip has threatened Kelly Currin Morris in the past.

Kelly Currin Morris has been missing since September 3 from her home in Stem, NC, a small, rural town near the Raleigh/Durham area. Authorities may not have known she was missing, but on the morning of September 4 the home she shared with her husband, Scott, and two young daughters was on fire. It has been stated that it was the result of arson.

Kelly's mother, Wanda Hollis, holds on to hope for her daughter as she participates in searches. She stated in an interview with MSNBC those words we have heard over and over:

"Kelly would not leave her girls; she would not leave her girls," Hollis said. Morris has two daughters who are staying with family as authorities are searching for their mother.

Kelly is described by local friends as being an "awsome" mother who was dedicated to her daughters. She participated in all of their activities, and was an all around great mom to her girls, one from a previous relationship.

Just like the others, Kelly's car was found nearby, she has no purse, money, keys or cell phone in her posession, they were all left behind. Scott Morris told authorities that she went to look for her dog, and never returned, an unlikely story.

Borrowing a phrase from another blogger, Kelly Morris's vanishing is another chapter written in the "Handbook of Spousal Murder". I hope this isn't the case, just as in all the other cases, but the script is sounding so very familiar.

Take a look at other North Carolina cases where mothers have vanished, like Nancy Cooper and Janet Arbaroa. The signs and evidence are there, there have been no arrests, the husbands have carried on with life, and these women are still missing. There are too many children out there that have to deal with this heartbreak

How can we write a chapter for them, if we can't bring their mothers home?


mammabear said...

One more unexplained disappearance, and 2 more children in search of their mother.
Many prayers for these young girls and the family!

mammabear said...

I thought you'd want to see this

[Last week I brought you the story of Kelly Currin Morris, a 28-year-old mother of two who went missing from her Stem, N.C., home on Sept. 3, 2008. It has now been revealed that police have obtained at least two search warrants in connection with the case; however, both warrants - one obtained on Sept. 12 and another on Sept. 16 - have been sealed under a judge's order.]

September 23, 2008
Search Warrants Served in Case of Missing North Carolina Mother Kelly Morris

Delilah said...

Thanks! I did see that article. It will be interesting to see what becomes of the searches.

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