Thursday, September 11, 2008

Lilly Aramburo, Someone Finally Takes Notice

The above link will take you to an article written in a local Miami paper called Miami New Times. Columnist Fransico Alvarado has finally taken the bait handed to almost every columnist in Miami for the last year. Someone has finally taken an interest in reporting about missing mother Lilly Aramburo.

As I have written in previous entries, this case speaks to my heart and I feel I have gotten to know Lilly through contact with her friend, Janet Forte. Several of us online have worked diligently over the last 6 months trying to help Janet get attention for Lilly and her case, trying to get someone, anyone to speak to the public in Miami about it. Finally, it has happened.

Although I knew the extent of Lilly's drug use, I think it was given a little too much ink in this article. It doesn't matter what the character of a missing mother might be, the fact remains that she is still missing and there is a child left behind who loves her and deserves answers.

It is also telling that this reporter had no problem getting interviews with the major players in this drama. Christen Pacheco and Kelly Starling seemed to be willing to talk. I don't feel that what they had to say to Mr. Alvarez was the complete truth, but it does show us that MDPD has not followed up with these two, they have yet to be brought in to answer the hard questions of what happened that fateful night a year ago in June.

Anytime you can get publicity of a missing person into the hands of the public is good, no matter how it is written, the news is finally out there, her picture is finally in print, and that is good news for all of us who have an interest in seeing justice for Lilly Aramburo.

I hope the next article we see will shed even further light on the facts of the case. I hope that it will be more informative about what really happened and not a trip down memory lane with Christen and Kelly talking about the "good old days" of doing drugs, sleeping in punk houses, and roaming the streets of Miami. I hope that the next article written will show MDPD doing their job, asking the hard questions, and getting the whole truth to the citizens of Miami.

You never know when it could be your loved one missing next. Wouldn't you like to know that they are treated equally under the law?

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