Monday, September 22, 2008

Monday4 the Missing, Brenda Joan Allen Szabo

Brenda Joan Allen Szabo started having children at the age of 17. She left her first born, a 7 month old son, on the steps of a New York City Police station. Around the same time her then boyfriend died of a drug over dose and she left town when police tried to question her about it.

Brenda continued to have three more children by different fathers who also died tragic deaths including heroin overdose, suicide and a car accident. Brenda used a number of aliases as she crisscrossed the country and had several run ins with the law along the way. In the 70's Brenda landed in jail for her part in an armed robbery, and left her last daughter, Elizabeth Jeanette, in foster care until she got out.

In a letter to her social worker, Brenda confided doubts in her ability to be a mother and stated in that letter "I never looked at life or being a mother realistically....I have to do something for myself before I can do anything for Lisa [Elizabeth] ..I do love her."

The 80's came and Brenda made an attempt to pull her life together, get clean from drugs, and enrolled in a community college while working as a dog grooomer. A prior violation of her probation landed her back in prison at Frontera State Prison..

When she was released, she told relatives that she was heading to Dallas and would call in two weeks. She was last seen in San Diego, CA, and has never been heard from since March 1, 1983. She would now be 59 years old and a grandmother.

Her daughter, Elizabeth Alldridge, has been on a quest to find her mother since she was 18, and her search has led her to find all of her siblings, but not Brenda Szabo, their mother. She combed adoption records and pulled together some of the pieces of a family that was disbanded before it had a chance. Elizabeth feels that when Brenda was released from Frontera she embarked on a new life and has not looked back, that she is out there somewhere.

In an interview with Todd Matthews, Elizabeth tells a lot about her quest, her found siblings, and her feelings about the possiblity that Brenda Szabo has found a new life and may not want to be found.

There is always the void, there is always the wondering, the looking back. Like so many other daughters of missing mothers, Elizabeth has pressed onward, has worked very hard to get what little information she has on her mother, but in the process has been happily reunited with her siblings


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Christine Giglia-Parker said...

My ex mother in law did a hit and run back in the late 70's. Everyone in the family kind of joked about it as that is what alcoholic Joan and that's what she did. Could this be true? Did my ex-mother-in -law in fact kill someone on Gary Drive. Hamilton, New Jersey

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