Saturday, January 22, 2011

Melanie Metheny

There is a letter on the family website of Melanie Metheny that her family discovered among her belongings that they didn't even know was there. At the end of the letter Melanie writes the following:
"Being a single mom is not easy at all but watching my kids grow up and watching them learn new things is the greatest feeling that I ever had. I would not change them for the world and I don't know where I'd be right now if I didn't have them but I know my life wouldn't have as much meaning."

The rest of the letter is a mother's tribute to her children, a heartfelt look at them individually, something deep for young 21 year old mother with 3 children. The letter gives the reader a peek into the depths of love a mother has for her children.

After reading those words lovingly put down on paper by Melanie Metheny, there can be no question in the reader's mind that she did not drop them off at day care on the morning of July 19, 2006 and walk away into a new life. Something has happened to Melanie and someone knows exactly what that something is.

Melanie had too many life plans in place to just take off, 3 children, nursing school, and money saved in the bank for a new home. Not the typical things someone who is unhappy with their life would have. Melanie had a lot to look forward to in her life and in the lives of her children.

There have been extensive searches which have turned up nothing so far except her minivan found parked on "the wrong side of town", which, as usual, leaves rumors and speculations running rampant. It is reported that she was last seen by her boyfriend of 5 months, Jared Davis. The family has not given up, and will not give up, looking for her. Her children ask questions and in an earlier article in the WV Gazette, grandmother Sandra Winnings is quoted:
“What can you tell them? What can you say?” Winnings said. “They don’t understand time, thank God. The one says, ‘Mommy’s going to come and get me when she finds her keys.’”

To further put pressure on the "someone" who must know what happened to Melanie Metheny,
CUE Center from Wilmington, NC has erected a billboard with Melanie's information on it in hopes of finding a resolution to this case for her family. After erecting a billboard in Whiteville, NC, within 2 weeks there was a break in the case of Carol Dowless, someone came forward, and she was found after 3 years. We hope that the same answers can come for the Metheny family and that 3 children will have answers.

For further information, updates, or to leave an anonymous tip:

Official Family Website
Find Melanie
Charley Project
Missing Pieces
CUE Center

Investigative Agency:  Kanawha County Sheriff's Office
Phone:  (304) 357-0169
Investigative Case #:  71924
or contact CUE Center For Missing Persons
24 Hour Tip Line  (910) -232-1687

or submit a confidential tip Here


flitting said...

what a great service you are doing with this blog... I so hope that anyone that knows anything will come forward.

Anonymous said...

Her children deserve to know where their mom is located. Blessings to her family.

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