Thursday, January 20, 2011

Stacy Peterson: A Birthday Wish

Today, January 20, 2011 marks Stacy Peterson's 27th birthday.  Our hope is that her children, family and friends have the opportunity to remember her for the love and kindness she brought into their lives.

What makes Stacy Peterson so special that she has garnered the attention most missing person's families could only hope to get. Could it be the fact that so many women can identify with her circumstances? We live in a world filled with flaws and yet we only seek the love and security that Stacy once had.

There are thousands that have been drawn to this case for a variety of reasons, and some have drawn on their passions and life experiences to try to solve the puzzle of why Stacy would walk away from her children, her nice home, and the lifestyle that she enjoyed. This is what her husband would like us all to believe, and yet, as women, we know better.

Whatever the reasons for the fascination behind the Stacy Peterson case, she is first and foremost a missing mother with children who need to know the truth. They need, and will continue needing, to know that she did not abandon them.

Everything happens for a reason, but too often, we want the reasons revealed before the "happenings" happen. So many unanswered questions swirl around this case, but in perfect order, and in perfect timing, they will be answered and truth will be uncovered.

May we remember Stacy today with dignity and find a way to honor her and bring comfort to her family that misses her so much.

I miss thee, my Mother! Thy image is still

The deepest impressed on my heart.
~Eliza Cook


TigressPen said...

Exactly, and yet, as women, we know better.

I pray Stacy is found soon. Today would be great. Happy Birthday, Stacy. On this day, may the love you shared with your children fill their hearts with the goodness that was inside you when you were with them.

Anonymous said...

Beautifully written Delilah. Someday her children will know how much she loved them and what a wonderful mother, sister, wife and friend she was to those she loved. She is missed each and everyday and her birthday was bittersweet...knowing she is in a better place and so wishing she wasn't there and here with us instead.

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