Friday, January 2, 2009

Faye Aline Self Has A Few Questions

Faye Aline Self has been missing for 26 years from Coushatta, Red River Parish, Louisiana. Since that time there have been changes in the guard in local law enforcement, and with each change her case file becomes more convoluted.

Notorious serial killer, Henry Lee Lucas was the first to confess to her murder. Of course by that time Mr. Lucas, along with Ottis Toole , "The Tag Team From Hell" had killed so many people I'm sure they lost count in a spree that took them all over the country. Recently it was pronounced that Ottis Toole was indeed the killer of little Adam Walsh, son of John and Reve Walsh.

When that confession didn't fit the bill, along comes Robert Charles Browne, which really makes a little more sense because he was raised in the area and lived there at the time Aline went missing. Browne, also known as "The Confessor" and "The Devil's Right Hand Man" was best known for his conviction for killing little 13 year old Heather Dawn Church in Colorado.

Who really knows if either of these two had anything to do with the disappearance of Faye Aline Self, or if they were both used as patsys willing to take the rap for something else going on in Red River Parish? I'm sure that after 26 years whoever REALLY was responsible for this is hoping it has all been forgotten. WRONG!

What they didn't bank on was the 2 daughters Aline left behind, along with other family members who did not forget a mother, daughter, and sister. Faye Aline Self may never be found, but that doesn't mean that she doesn't deserve justice.

How about it, Red River Parish, Louisiana? Do you have answers to these questions?

1. Why did the current sheriff tell me it was boyfriend as of 2006 when they knew Browne had confessed to both?

2. Why were they telling both families these cases are in no way related, but Browne said he did both.

3. If Wanda had fought with her attacker and had his hair in her hands, how come Boyfriend and/or Browne have not been ruled out? (or in?)
DNA would settle this...oh, but I bet they "can't lay their hands " on that evidence either. Samples of Browne's DNA were given to DA Jones by a det. from Colorado.

4. Why, if Browne did kill my mom, did he not leave her in the bed, where she could be found?

5. Why did he kill Hudson & Self in their beds, if his reason for killing women was that they are all lowlifes?

6. Why Browne go into my mom's apt with no lights on and no car in the drive? How did he know she was there? How did she get home? The car was found at the bar by the police.

7. Why being the genius that he is, Why did Browne leave my mom in her apt after he chloroformed her? He forgot his rope? But he remembers his rag in a bag...

8. RR Bridge was the main road through the place, why was he not afraid of being seen dropping her body from there?

9. Why did the police not search the dumpster after Hudson's murder? That is where said he through the murder weapon?

10. Why were police showing crime scene photos around town?

11. Why were no alarms raised by the SO when they discovered evidence was missing?

12. Why was there no media on a missing woman and one murdered in a town with the population of less than 10,000?

13. Why were case files allowed to be kept in the trunk of deputies cars?

14. Why was no missing persons report taken immediately?

15. How did the police know my mom wasn't coming back for the car?

16. Why did they not contact the family directly, but a neighbor instead?

17. Why if Browne was suspected in BOTH cases was he never interviewed?

19. Why did no authorities in RR Parish contact any family member of either lady to tell of this new confession? Why did we have to hear it from the news?

20. Why did RRSD lie to us about the Lucas Confession? Why IF IT REALLY exists can't we hear it? Why if it is "gibberish" can we not hear it? It wasn't gibberish when it was presented to our family all those times...

21. If it (confession) is so "gibberish" how did the RRSD come to the conclusion Lucas was confessing? The man had a 71 IQ... smarter than the RRSD and the Texas Rangers. They would show him crime scene photos and he would memorize the details. The police would forget they questioned him and he would regurgitate back to them the information they had given him. They all used Lucas as a clearing house for old/cold cases. Much like they are doing Browne now.

22. Why is it, in all of these nearly 26 years the only contact with our family came via a detective that is now long since dead. Why has S/T M Allen not answered any questions we presented?

23. Why did he not videotape the interview conducted with a lady that was with my mom that night?

24. Why is this case still being bungled?

26. How much would it cost me to buy justice for Aline Self in RR Parish?

We may never find the answers to what happened to Faye Aline Self, but I guarantee Red River Parish has not seen the last of her pictures, and has not heard the last of the questions. Just step up to the plate, do your job and find this woman justice. Every human being deserves that much.

Please join us at Peace4 the Missing

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Sara Huizenga Lubbers said...

Sad and sick to think, and to be honest, increasingly realize that this LE finds such little worth in humankind, that is that lazy and unresourceful, that they actually are able to even somewhat justify "blaming" blaming unsolved cases on popular serial killers of the time.

That's pathetic,'s tragic, it's heinous and we all should be in an uproar to realize that this is going on.

She's a mother, she's still missed, step up, Red River Parish, finally give Faye Aline Self the dignity and respect that she and her family rightfully deserve.

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