Friday, February 6, 2009

Star Boomer, Who Is She, and Where Is She?

It's been reported that Shon Pernice of Kansas City, MO. is not only being questioned about his role in the disappearance of his wife, Renee Pernice, but now he is linked to another missing mother, Star Boomer. Star Boomer has been missing since 1999, 10 years, and she left behind a son and a family that deserve some real, truthful answers.

According to recent reports, Star Boomer was last seen during an altercation in a local bar. By all accounts there were 13 witnesses who saw Star literally beaten to unconsciousness. That's where the story of Star Boomer ends. No one is talking about what happened afterwards. Not one of 13 witnesses has told authorities where to find Star Boomer after 10 long years, and now it's stated that Shon Pernice was one of the last persons to see her alive.

Who is Star Boomer? In light of all the recent attention given to missing women, missing mothers, and the men suspected of knowledge, we often forget the main characters of these mysteries, the one who no longer has a voice to say to the world, "here I am!". The media tends to look closer at the ones who are possibly involved in these women's vanishings, scrutinizing their every move, and, in some cases (Peterson), surrounding the case in a circus atmosphere. But who are these Vanished Mothers?

Ten years ago, Star Gail Hurtie Boomer was a mother of a young son, Cody. Being the mother of a young son is not an easy task, and I would imagine that she took time off to unwind at a local bar.

Sources say that Star did not drink that much while at the bar, but went to the aide of another woman who was being physically beaten by another patron. Star was the only one to step up to help the woman, and later she was hit her off her own bar stool by a friend of the patron as he walked by and said something to her. She was knocked unconscious and dragged out of the bar. It's at this point, witness have said, Shon Pernice injected her with something and Star was never seen again.

Star Boomer came to the aide of another woman and paid the ultimate price for it.

There is a young man who does not know what has happened to his mother, and has only local rumors and stories to fill in the blanks. I have to believe that Cody wants answers, and he deserves the truth, along with other family members who love her and miss her in their lives.
"Until the day we find closure and justice for her, I can't give up and I have to be a voice for Star," said Cynthia Hurtie.

"I believe we will find her. I really believe that. I've never given up hope," said Hazel Hurtie.
I hope that during the investigation into the now declared death investigation of Renee Pernice, that her husband Shon will at the very least be questioned about the last night in the life of Star Boomer, and help her family find resolution.

I am pleased to include some personal insight about Star from a source close to the family:

Ten years ago, Star never thought to herself that this photo, would be used to help bring her home.
She had no way of knowing.. she wouldn't be going home..ever again, that the bright spot of her world..her son, would be left behind. She would never see him open his Christmas gifts, watch him play ball.. she wouldn't be there for her father..before he passed away, or to hug her Mother when he did. The chance to finish school.. Gone. No more shopping trips with her nieces, or getting her hair done in the new style. All Gone.
Gone by two men who ruthlessly removed the future of this young woman. The witnesses, who keep her family 'suffering' by their deafening 'silence'. There has been no justice, no one has been punished. There is no resting place to visit to acknowledge Star place to run to when the their tears fall, no place to put the flowers she so loved.. in her remembrance .
She was instead taken, and hidden.. in a place where no one visits. There are no flowers. No family ever comes...
She dreamed of one day living on a farm and watching her son enjoy the warmth of a day, tending her beautiful garden..and caring for a variety of animals. Most importantly to watch her son grow to be a man.
Star was a florist at heart, who loved flower arranging, she created beautiful arrangements and wreaths and had
won awards for her creations at local craft shows. She had nearly completed her GED and had plans to further her education. She was a warm hearted soul, that would offer her hand to others, and make it a point to bring a smile, even when times were troubled.
A true optimist is hard to find, and the loss her family has endured is inconsolable.
Cindy recounted to me when Star bought corrective shoe's for Cindy's daughter. A wonderful sister, and Loving Aunt to Cindy's children. She is remembered by the twinkle in her eye, I thought to myself while the family spoke of her.. that her name was rightly 'given' at birth "Star"
Her bright smile has been handed to her son Cody, who shares her warmth, kindness and love, and his laugh is a thought of Star brought home..and brings back those 'wonderful memories'. Star would be so very 'proud' of the young man she brought into this world. So, grateful for her family who have all come together in the nurturing of her son. She would be "so" very grateful to her Mother who has kept her in prayer 'everyday'. Hazel has waited on bended knee, for the day her daughter would come home. Her fervent prayers have been answered and faith will bring closure..soon. Cindy who has taken up the torch to find her sister, is a timid loving soul. Having been lost for a time herself... has found her strength and has become a 'star' herself. In Star's legacy Cindy will assist families of the lost, and help them to find the closure that she yearns for in her own life.
The pub that Star was in the evening she was taken. The twelve that sat by, watched. Those that were witnesses and have kept quiet 'all these years'. The burden lays with them. For a family to experience a death of a loved one, is an excruciating experience. To have that loved one plucked from life and out of reach for all 'time' is beyond horrific. To those who know and will not speak. I would like you to imagine the face of a small boy.. who sits on the edge of his bed.. and waits. His eyes looking up to 'you' for the answer. Where is my Mom? For her Mother who sits with folded hands at her kitchen table, still waiting. She smiles and it is apparent 'where' Star got her shine. To Cindy, Star has given you the greatest gift. Your direction..your path.
Please help give "Star" a gift. A place to rest..a place to be remembered. If you have information, no matter how small.. it will be kept confidential. Please visit and bring star home.

Please join us at Peace4 the Missing
Network and support for missing persons and victims of abuse.


Sara Huizenga Lubbers said...

I am stunned, to think that this Shon monster might also be a serial killer...many prayers for all those tormented by his evil life.

mammabear said...

I can't believe that THIRTEEN witnesses watched as Star was dragged out of a bar, yet not ONE helped her?
Not ONE of THIRTEEN witnesses have come forward, even ten years later?
Not ONE of THIRTEEN people feel bad enough about a woman disappearing, or a son loosing his mom, that they are willing to step forward?
You've done a beautiful job at reminding us that STAR is the one who deserves the attention.

~prayers~ for the family

Anonymous said...

OK now Shon Pernice has been arrested on a weapons charge. If anyone out there was scared or intimidated and unwilling to take a chance at talking about Star Boomer, now is the time to come forward. Unfortunately there may never be any closure for Star or Renee's families but at least the monster can be taken off the streets for good. One bright spot in this is knowing that the people he is going to spend lots of future time with don't like child molesters so he should be well attended to in jail. My thoughts and prayers go out to both Star and Renee's families. I am pleading with anyone that might know ANYTHING about either one, PLEASE DON'T STAY QUIET ANY LONGER!! Call the TIPS hotline.

Anonymous said...

I grew up with Stars nieces. I remember her quite well. I pray for an answer soon. I pray that the witnesses will come forward with any information that may help find Star. I pray for Cody to rise above all this and become an outstanding young man.

Peter said...

I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.

Delilah said...

Peter, and everyone, thank you for taking the time to read my blog and leave a comment.

Please feel free to take any of the information here to spread the word about the missing mothers.

Please come back often and speak your mind!

Thanks to all my readers,


Anonymous said...

I know that Shon works at Tyson foods in Olathe Kansas on the night shift, he is a loner that keeps to himself.

Anonymous said...

i am an old friend of Cindy Hurtie Boomer. i have searched for her everywhere and cannot find her. Star and my brother Leonard dated many years ago. if you see this message Cindy, please know that i will be praying for you and your family .
from Jennifer Bales

pamela botteron said...

i am a friend that moved away an just found out about this,star an my family lived in a trailer behind cindy an i met star,she was a fun ,loving person,she would have stood up for any one not just a women,i can believe that people think there doing the right thing by not snitching but what if this was your family member,your friend,i pray to god that somebody get's some balls to tell what they know it makes me so glad i left an area were people think there so kool for keeping a secert,shame on you. please god almight please give the witnesses the ball's they lost

Anonymous said...

With the remains of a body found today in KC area, speculation rises to thinking it could be Renee or Star. As tragic as this would be for the friends and family involved in the search, I pray for the peace this could bring to their loved ones.

Anonymous said...

Every day I think about Star. I only had the pleasure of meeting her a couple of times & the beauty of her smile & warmth remain with me over 20 years later. I became friends with her nieces in the mid 90's. After her disappearance I was sitting ringside as the family began fighting the clock & closed mouth community to bring Star home. I sat with the family through many tearful & frustrating extremely LONG days & nights. Watching as the family followed every tiny lead crushing their hopes at every dead end. To this day we still gather from time to time & I listen hopeful to hear of a new lead & reminiscing of her many kindnesses & beautiful smile. Anyone close to this case & family knows the name Shon Pernice... Please end your silence for Star, Cody & her family. It's nearing her birthday again in 2018... It's time someone out there opens their mouth.

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