Thursday, March 26, 2009

Nadia Kira Kersh

She was born in an orphanage in Russia, a twin of a sister named Vira. Nadia Kira Kersh was adopted by a military family when she was 10, by Kevin and Nancy Kersh, and was separated from her twin who was adopted by another family. The Kersh's lived in many parts of the world, stationed with the military at one time in Alabama.

Nadia was reunited with her twin sister several years ago and moved to the Birmingham area to be near her sister. She had several friends in the area who all describe her as an outgoing, independent, generous person who was very trusting, a free spirit who would give you the shirt off her back if needed.

November 3, 2008 was a typical day for hardworking Nadia. She went to work at the Tria Market, leaving her young son, Christopher, at daycare. Nadia was an extremely devoted mother, content in her role, and stable in her job. She had been working at the Tria Market for two years. She left for lunch that day, but never returned. When she didn't pick her son up at daycare that evening he was turned over to Social Services. Her friends and family were alerted and a search of the area began. A close friend was able to obtain emergency custody of the child.

Two days later Nadia's abandoned car was found in West Birmingham, no evidence of foul play was immediately found, but authorities were concerned for her well being. It only took a few days when police found someone they questioned as a person of interest in her vanishing, and then a second man was detained for questioning and then a third. Evidence was collected and processed by several agencies.

Nadia's family gathered in the Homewood suburb of Birmingham where Nadia lived and rallied the press and organized searches. Texas Equusearch's Tim Miller and Beth Holloway Twitty, Natalie Holloway's mother, lent there expertise and support for several searches of the area. No sign of Nadia has surfaced, no activity on her bank accounts and credit cards, no word from her at all. Rewards are set up, searches continue and the media has kept her case in the public eye. Law enforcement agencies have worked tirelessly to solve this mystery.

Just days ago it was announced by Homewood police that they are close to charging the primary suspect of murder, someone who had harassed Nadia in the past. Along with him, authorities have not ruled out additional charges on others. They feel forensic evidence being processed will seal the case and will only strengthen the charges when the results come in.

As of this writing, Nadia Kira Kersh has not been found. Her son, Christopher, has been motherless for over five months. Just a toddler, he surely misses the hugs and wet kisses of his mother, the lullabyes she most likely sang to put him to sleep. Like his mother and her twin sister, he is orphaned at a young age. May he experience all the love and kindness that life can give him as he grows up and may Nadia be found soon and justice served in her honor.

UPDATE MAY 4, 2010

Police have made an arrest in the case of missing mother Nadia Kersh. An acquaintance of her's was arrested named Joacquas Haywood. Mr. Haywood turned himself in around 9pm last night. According to Jefferson County DA Brandon Falls, Haywood is charged with Capital Murder and that the murder occurred during a burglary. Haywood, from Irondale,  is currently in the Jefferson County Jail. No body has been recovered.

Nadia Kersh was last seen on November 3rd, 2008.  Surveillance video showed her leaving Tria Market, where she worked. 


Anonymous said...

Hello all who may be looking for information about Nadia Kersh. Why not go directly to the source?The only people who really know what is going on in her case is her family, the Kershs. Contact them on their website cited in this article ( if you want to confirm information. Send them an email. They'll keep it confidential if you ask them to. I did. You'll see that a lot of information in this article is not correct. Hmmm...

Delilah said...

Anonymous, thank you for leaving a comment on my blog. When I write a story about a case, I go by what information is available to me, I don't claim to be a detective or a case worker, only a teller of a story, trying to humanize someone who is sometimes only a blip of a news story.

I do my best to check my facts, but being human, I'm open to making errors. I welcome anyone with further information to come forward, correct me and I will be happy to say I was wrong and correct the errors. I also do my best to cite the places I find information, so if there are errors they should be corrected at those sources, also.

I don't ask for people to come to me with information, please don't, I can't help you. That's why I link to sites who can take any information or tips and process them properly.

I hope that you see this and feel free to tell me what needs to be corrected, I would be pleased to do so.


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