Monday, May 25, 2009

Kellisue Ackernecht, What is Happening?

Reading around the various websites and blogs for current information about Kellisue Ackernecht brought me to a wide range of sites.  The friends and family are doing all they can to create "buzz" throughout the internet to bring awareness to the fact that Kellisue is still missing.  There are astrology sites, dream sites, and a myriad of bloggers and writers who have done their best to tell Kellisue's story and keep her name in the forefront.

Kellisue's case isn't very different from several other missing mother's cases, filled with frustration and brick walls. Other similarities include investigating the husband, but in this case local Johnstown law enforcement has stated that Jayson Ackernecht is not a person of interest nor a suspect in Kellisue's disappearance.  In fact, Jayson has told reporters the same thing Drew Peterson claims, that she ran off with another man, and like Drew Peterson, it seems Jayson is taking steps to move on with his life.

Although there aren't any hard and fast rules on how long a grieving husband of a missing wife or partner must wait before pursuing other women, in the case of both of these "left behind" mates, there seems to be a quick return back into the game.  Jayson has been found on the internet looking for love, in the same way Drew Peterson was trolling the singles sites.  Normally I wouldn't give much credence or interest to rumors about this, however, Jayson hit on one of my friends!  Strange, but true!  Just a little "come on" but enough to put up huge red flags about his motives, at least for me.

Of course, comments and sites have been taken down, but what you have to remember is once it's out on the big world wide web, it's there forever, there are no do-overs or take-it-backs.  So it doesn't surprise me that there is a site devoted to calling out Jayson Ackernecht and reporting on all his internet adventures.

Before I get too far into the saga of Jayson, I'll pull back and bring the focus back to where it should be, on Kellisue Ackernecht.  Logic and critical thinking, along with hours of reading and researching, tells me there is much more for law enforcement to do before Kellisue is found.  By all the accounts I've read about this case it appears unanimous that Kellisue would never leave as her husband wants us to believe.  She was a concientious mother, a hard worker, and not someone who would abandon her daughter.

Something sinister happened the night of September 30, 2008.  Cars don't just spontaneously combust, destroying evidence, and the driver disappear into thin air.  I, along with many who care, implore the Johnstown Police Department to do everything in their power and resources to fully investigate this case.  Help to bring resolution and answers to a little girl who will spend the rest of her life searching for the truth about her mother.

Listen for up to the minute information about this case, Tuesday, May 26, at 11PM EST on BlogTalk Radio.

The Justice Interrupted Investigates Team will be discussing this case and bringing more awareness to missing mother, Kellisue Ackernecht.

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