Thursday, June 11, 2009

Liza Murphy, Missing Mother of Three

With so many news reports of fathers killing mothers, mothers gone missing, leaving their children behind, I find the reality of children growing up as victims of violence to be an epidemic. Every day the stories are played out in national news and news talk shows.

On August 19, 2007, it's reported that Liza Murphy just up and walked out of her home after an argument with her husband, Joe Murphy, leaving behind her cell phone, cigarettes, all forms of identification, and most importantly, her three children, now 15, 13, and 10.
Liza Murphy and her husband were having marital problems, her family said. Stellatos described Joe Murphy as possessive of his wife, never allowing her to go out with her friends. She said he was even jealous if she spent time with her parents.
Liza and her children had just returned from a week long visit with her parents, 125 miles away. Liza suffered from fibromyalgia and depression, however, according to her mother, would never walk away willingly from her children.

Oddly enough, Joe Murphy tried suicide by throwing himself in front of a fire truck. He recovered from his injuries, then subsequently "lawyered up" and is now not cooperating in the investigation of his missing wife. Joe Murphy has full custody of the children and has isolated them from Liza's family. They have not seen them since the last visit she made days before she vanished.

Similar in many ways to the Renee Pagel murder case in Michigan, where the father is also isolating the children and not cooperating with the investigation into Renee's murder, although Renee isn't a missing person, she very well could have been.

As in all cases of a troubled marriage, a lot of the truth will remain hidden. We don't know about alleged affairs, lifestyles and habits. What we do know is that there are three children who do not know where there mother is. Three more children have joined the club of many who didn't ask for tragedy and violence to enter their lives, but will now be guided by it forever.


Chris Crandle said...

As a friend of Renee Pagel's, we've often stated that we are grateful that at least he left her body. As morbid as that seems, we're grateful for that. Not that there is ever closure, but how do you grieve until you have a body?

God Bless these precious children, who, as so many other children, are innocent victims--pawns--in a parent's evil game of control and manipulation. A game in which there are absolutely NO WINNERS.

Anonymous said...

liza murphys story is not the same.... i knew her and know her kids.
this was a woman with problems.. she had depression and drug problems and hadnt wanted to be a mother or wife for a few years before she went missing and she was having an affair. She knew dyfs was going to court order her for long term rehab and she was confronted with her affair.
Her husband stopped dealing with the local police when they decided he was guilty w/o proof.... now thekids and father are constantly harassed and terrorized by their neightbor/lizas estranged brother and stefanie who lives behind them....the stellato family , except the one who recently died, have treated the kids horribly throughout this ordeal.

Delilah said...

Thank you for leaving your comment. Unfortunately, I can only write from articles I find in the public and I realize they don't always tell a complete picture.

I hope that Liza is found, and most important, that her children are getting some kind of professional help to see that the are doing as ok as they can be considering the circumstances.

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