Friday, July 17, 2009

Shon Pernice: Slow Burn

Kansas City Star Reports:

“I will kill them,” authorities quote Pernice as saying. “I am now prepared to protect myself.”

Moments later, authorities said, one of Pernice’s sons is heard saying, “Dad, you are too mad. … Let me talk. Put the knife down.”

Pernice says: “I am prepared to protect myself. The blades are going to start going. It is bad.” ............(from 911 call)

Who would say this? Someone who isn't afraid to hurt, maim or kill, even in front of his own children. This is part of the 911 call to authorities made by Shon Pernice, "person of interest" in his wife Renee's vanishing. Arrested again, it seems Shon is on a slow burn and feeling the squeeze!

"Shon Pernice now faces two counts of second-degree endangering the welfare of a child and two counts of witness tampering in the July 4 case. He was taken into custody Thursday at his home. " 
The 911 recordings show that Pernice was “highly intoxicated and completely out of control,” court records say.   (from Kansas City Star)

Time is still ticking away and Renee Pernice is still missing. Her family has filed with the court to gain custody of her two sons and get them into a safer, more stable environment. These children may very well have witnessed or at the least have knowledge of what has become of their mother. For them to continue to be in the custody of a "person of interest" baffles me and has shades of Drew Peterson all over it. Just as in that case, what will become of these children?

Whether these two fathers are found guilty or not, they should be doing everything in their power to shield the kids from the negative attention they are bound to be getting. There should be something in place that will protect the fragile psyches of children in these circumstances and intense therapy ordered to guide them through. Yes, I know, he is innocent until proven guilty, however, the children are innocent bystanders to the possible crimes of their fathers.

Hopefully the next time I see a news report about Shon Pernice, he will have squeezed out the truth and Renee will have been found. In the meantime, I can only hope that Renee's children will somehow find their way.

And while the authorities have him in custody, don't forget to ask him about STAR BOOMER, another woman that was in Shon's company and has never been seen again.

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deskside said...

Just now saw that you have this posted for Renee. Thanks for keeping her name and face out there as well as Star Boomer's.


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