Friday, September 18, 2009

Stacy Peterson, We Remember You

Long before Peace4 the Missing was organized the news broke about a young mother who went missing in Bolingbrook, IL. Her name is Stacy Peterson. Almost 2 years have passed since that day in October, 2007 and many, many more news stories have, and still are, being discussed about what may have happened to Stacy.

Tons of people gathered at various forums and message boards to talk about the latest news, speculate on what happened, and, unfortunately, pick apart every aspect of the lives of those involved. Several blowouts occurred, other splinter forums were created, and the circus surrounding Stacy Peterson was led by the ringmaster, her husband.

As we near the two year anniversary of Stacy's disappearance, I would hope that many of the circus performers have cleaned off their clown makeup, that hurt feelings have been mended, and that the microscope of speculation has been put away.

In 2007 Stacy was a rally point for passionate people who came together in her honor, many have scattered all over the internet and many have started new, successful ventures that probably would not have happened if it weren't for Stacy Peterson.

October is also Domestic Violence Awareness Month. As the internet has grown to bring us information in a flash, it's also come to be a way for all of us to communicate and pass on information and search for solutions. As we use this October to honor Stacy Peterson, to remember her, we also would like to take this opportunity to rally around this awareness campaign.

On Saturday, October 24, several local area people will be partnering with Guardian Angel Community Services for a 5K walk to raise funds to continue their services to victims and families of domestic violence. We have set up a team, "Angels For Stacy" partnering with Peace4 the Missing to give everyone an opportunity to participate.

If you are nearby, we hope you will walk, if you aren't, we hope you will help with support, sponsorship, or donations, if you can. Please join our Team and show your support for Stacy Peterson, ALL missing persons, and the victims of domestic abuse. It's FREE to join and be a member!


Let's come together again for Stacy Peterson!
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