Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Toni Lee Sharpless: Missing Mother

(Aug. 27) - Police in Pennsylvania are looking for a woman who vanished early Sunday after attending a house party.
Toni Lee Sharpless, a 29-year-old single mother, left the party in Gladwyne, Pa., with a friend about 3 a.m., the Philadelphia Inquirer reported.
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Toni Lee Sharpless: The 29-year-old Pennsylvania woman was last seen when she left a house party early Sunday morning. Police said she sent a text message to her daughter around 3 a.m., which is believed to be her last communication before she vanished, CBS3 reported.

She and the friend split up shortly later after arguing about whether Sharpless was sober enough to drive, police said. Around the same time, Sharpless wrote a text message to her 12-year-old daughter, who was struggling to sleep, CBS3 reported. She has not been heard from since.

Sharpless lives with her mother and daughter in West Brandywine Township, Pa.
"This is not like her. She always calls to let us know where she is at," said Sharpless' mother, Donna Knebel.

Posted: Friday, 28 August 2009 7:27AM

Police Continue Search for Missing W. Brandywine Woman

by KYW's Al Novack

West Brandywine, Pa. police and Chester County authorities say an all-points bulletin for a 29-year-old missing woman is still in effect.

Police say Toni Lee Sharpless remains missing and has not been heard from or seen in five days. Sharpless, a nurse at Lancaster General Hospital, has failed to report for work.

Sharpless went missing last weekend after she went clubbing and to a Gladwynne house party. Her car, a 2002 black Pontiac Grand Prix with Pennsylvania license tag DND-7772 has not been located.

Police have spent much of the week re-tracing her possible travel route and tracking her cell phone numbers and credit card activity, if any.

So far, there are no clues and no new developments on her whereabouts. Anyone who has any information can call 911 or West Brandywine police at 610-380-8201.


National TV show to highlight case of missing Chesco woman

A national television show that highlights missing persons' cases will feature a missing West Brandywine woman on an episode set to air next year.

Productions crews from Investigation Discovery's "Disappeared" were in the area in late September and early October working on an episode about the disappearance of Toni Lee Sharpless, a nurse and mother who vanished Aug. 23, 2009, after a night of drinking and club-hopping.

Sharpless was last seen leaving the home of former NBA player Willie Green, who was hosting a small gathering at his home the morning of Aug. 23, 2009.

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Anonymous said...

This case is distressing on a number of levels. It almost seems like the police are protecting the identity of the player who was hosting the party that this young woman disappeared from, there is VERY little publicity on the case and this young woman is STILL MISSING. Where is the outcry?

Anonymous said...

I agree that this is disturbing, The ID channel aired this story 3/14/11. Why no updates or new info or even talk of reward for info? I pray for her and her daughter to be united. You would think that someone at that party would have been appointed designated driver or a limo could have driven her. Odd that a NBA player would risk a scandal by letting a drunk driver leave in am hours!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the show "glossed" over her demons. mainly drug addiction. As a father I can imagine how hertbroken the family must be, but also how self absorbed she is ... needing to "get out for a girls night" 6 months after checking out of a rehab. I really feel sorry for her daughter.

Addicts dont seem to understand that if they have a problem with a drug.....THEY CANT DRINK OR DO ANYTHING ELSE. And with a friend like hers who knew of her "problems", gee you think you might not want to invite her out where alcohol is served? Practically every other word out of the friends mouth during the episode was "I", "me" etc.

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