Sunday, November 15, 2009

Christine Sheddy: FOUND After Two Years

While going through the myriad of missing persons posts on the Facebook newsfeed yesterday, I happened to see a picture and link put up by Kelly Jolkowski of Project Jason.  The face of Christine Sheddy seemed to jump off the screen at me, I had to go to the link to read more of her and her case.  In all of her pictures one thing stands out, her beautiful, haunting eyes.  Her eyes draw the viewer in, seemingly asking to be found.

Christine Sheddy is the mother of three children, her two little boys, 2 and 4 were with her at the time of her disappearance from a home of friends in Pocomoke City, MD that she met through her boyfriend.  According to news accounts Christine and her two children stayed behind at the home while the other couple went to pick up their own children from school.  When they returned, Christine was gone, taking nothing with her, not her purse or any belongings, and her two boys were left in the home, alone.

As in so many cases of missing mothers, speculation runs rampant about the woman's character, her relationships and why she did what she did.  Many times law enforcement agencies don't appropriately respond, saying that the missing adult probably just walked away, maybe just wanting to start a new life.  All these familiar statements were heard by Christine's mother, Lynn Dodenhoff.

However, another familiar statement in missing mothers cases has also been said:  "She would never leave her children."  According to her mother, Christine was a loving mother, despite moodiness, and that she would never leave her children home alone, that was not in her character.
"All I want is my daughter so I can bring her home and put her to rest," Dodenhoff said. "I couldn't care less who was involved, I couldn't care less. I just want her home. That way her children could move on and not wonder why their mother left; because she would never leave them. It will come to an end, and we will find my daughter, and justice will be served. I have full confidence that will happen."

As with many police departments, it's been reported that the agency involved  was not seriously investigating this missing mother, speculating that her lifestyle choices put her into a certain category and that they were uncooperative in organizing searches and coming forth with information.  Key evidence tends to go cold very quickly in missing persons cases and if not thoroughly investigated, quickly the trail often leads to dead ends.

Certain protocals that every police department must follow are being introduced in a new bill, HR 3695, The Help Find the Missing Act (Billy's Law) that if passed will mandate that all information be entered into National data bases in a timely manner, thus speeding up the process for family members who are reporting a missing loved one.  I urge every citizen to write and support this important legislation.

Missing persons are victims and oftentimes, missing adults, especially, are not given proper attention.  Many, many families are finding that rather than idly sit by and wait for word, they must find the strength to take on several tasks that will help lead them to real evidence.  Our society and citizens must wake up and realize that it takes us all to help find the missing.

November 13 was the two year anniversary marking the day that Christine Sheddy vanished.  Small searches for her were conducted and earlier this year a large scale search was organized, yet turned up no positive results on her whereabouts.  Her children deserve answers.

Missing Person: Christine Sheddy
Date of Birth: 12/22/80
Missing Since: 11/13/07
Missing City: Pocomoke
Missing State: MD
Age at time of disappearance: 26
Gender: Female
Race: White
Height: 5 ft 4 in
Weight: 100 lbs
Hair Color: DK Blonde
Hair (other): Short
Eye Color: Blue
Complexion: Fair

Characteristics: tattoo on lower back

Clothing: jeans, white shirt

Jewelry: rings

Circumstances: Christine was staying at a friend's home and when the friends left to pick up children and then returned, Christine was missing. Christine's children were found at the house alone. Christine took no possessions with her.

Agency Name: Worcester County Bureau of Investication
Agency Phone: 1-410-352-3476

UPDATE 2/19/2010

SNOW HILL: Human remains found in parking lot

SNOW HILL – Local law enforcement agencies are investigating human remains that were discovered buried in a parcel of land near the Snow Hill municipal parking lot.
Worcester County State’s Attorney Joel Todd said “it would be inappropriate to comment” on whether the body was that of missing woman Christine Sheddy. Sheddy disappeared from a Pocomoke-area farm house in November 2007.
Officials from the Maryland State Police, Worcester County Sheriff’s Office, Worcester County Bureau of investigation and Worcester County State’s Attorney’s Office were led to the site as part of a larger investigation, Todd said.
The remains, which were found with a pair of shoes and some jeans, will be sent to the state Medical Examiner’s Office in Baltimore.
Todd said he did not know how long the body had been there, and declined to comment any further for the sake of the investigation.

UPDATE 2/26/2010

Remains found in Snow Hill are Christine Sheddy

The human remains found behind a Snow Hill bed & breakfast a week ago have been identified as Christine Sheddy, who disappeared in November of 2007.  The Maryland Medical Examiner used dental records for the identification.  Worcester County State’s Attorney Joel Todd tells WGMD that no cause of death has been determined, but they are treating this as a suspicious death.
Office of the State’s Attorney for Worcester County
February 26, 2010
On February 26, 2010, the Office of the Medical Examiner for Maryland advised the Worcester County Bureau of Investigation that the human remains located in Snow Hill on February 19 were the remains of Christine Marie Sheddy.
Sheddy has been missing since November 14, 2007.  Since that time, the case has been handled as a “missing person” case by the Worcester County Sheriff’s Office and the Worcester County Bureau of Investigation.  Assisting in the investigation is the Maryland State Police and the Office of the State’s Attorney for Worcester County.
No cause of death has yet been determined.  All involved law enforcement agencies are treating this as a suspicious death.
Because this is a pending investigation, no further details will be disclosed at this time.


Jessie'sMomGlendene said...

Heart breaking story and again, LE dropping the ball in the beginning. I know what that feels like, it was like that with my daughter's disappearance. They said, 'she probably just wanted to get away'! WHAT?!?!? Are you kidding me? Most people plans their get-aways and THEY TELL THEIR FAMILIES. I pray for answers in Christine's case and for her mom and kids to get the answers they deserve.

christines mom said...

Thank you so much for writing about my daughter. It was very well written. We miss her so much. Thank you again for taking the time to put her on your blog.
Lynn Dodenhoff
Christines mom

Delilah said...

Thanks for leaving a comment. I'm glad to know that you are happy with it. I hope you find answers about Christine soon. God Bless.

christines mom said...

I shared this post with my facebook account. Also Stephanie Burke the owner of the Pocomoke Tattler, linked it to her blog. Steph has been with me forever. Check the there is alot of stuff about Christine. Thanks again for the post.

Max Waller said...

I will repost the information from this website about Christine Sheddy and the others to mine. I am seeking the whereabouts of Jodi Jean Sanders who I met at MacLay Junior High School in Pacoima California in 1978. I have spoken to a lot with no luck. Names, addresses, and phone numbers including mine are at my website. I found out that her mother Jodi "Bobbie" Sanders died around June 2009 and I am looking for her older sister Christy Sanders and younger twin sisters Angela and Heather Sanders. Angela looks more like Jodi than Heather. I might find her cousins who are also twins: Kim and Sandy Sanders. I hope we find the people we care about. Happy holidays. Sincerely, Max Rafael Waller

Anonymous said...

If you look into this case you will find it may well have been solved if the family had not told so many lies to LE. Yes sad but true. They even planted items of the missing to try to discredit the LE.

christines mom said...

You couldnt be more wrong. You are pure evil to suggest such nonsense. Our family has gone through hell and for you to leave a comment under anonymous, just proves to me that evil runs rampant in this world. Shame on you. One of the lead detectives in this case has resigned for not arresting a child rapist under the direct orders of the states attorney's office. You want to talk lie"s? Let's look at the police department in Pocomoke. I am sorry you feel the way you do, but have enough intestinal fortitude to at least sign your name to it.

Tom Sweatt said...

The comment that Christine's family planted evidence and lied to the local LE is not only a lie in of itself, but it's totally absurd to think anyone other than the ignorant few bottom feeders who have been posting this crap on another blog would believe it anyway...go back to your hole Anonymous...if anyone wants to see you really lied, take a look at and read about the Lead Detective Scott Mitchell - a man that lied to Christine's family, lied to the State Crime Lab, and it up to his eyeballs in decpetion on every case he was assigned to. I can only hope he will squeal like the pig he is and name names when he is prosecuted.

christines mom said...

Thank you Tom for coming to our defense. It is bad enough going through the personal hell that we go through everyday, then to have some sick individual revictimize our family again, it is just too much to bare. But I will take comfort in the fact that they will have to answer to God for every word they have spoken.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, It seems they have found Christine, buried about 8 miles from where she lived. Positive ID will take a few days. Prayers go out for her and her family. At least closure can begin.

Margaret Harvey said...

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