Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Kelly Currin Morris: A Piece of Peace

Kelly Currin Morris has been found after she allegedly went looking for the family dog a year ago, September 3, 2008.  As the year wore on, and searches conducted, we watched the pain of this family who over and over again, went back out into the rural fields and woods of Stem, NC, knowing that one day their searching would end.  That day has come, Kelly has been found, and now the family is making arrangements to lay her in her final resting place.

At a time of Thanksgiving, I'm sure the family is thankful for the fact that Kelly is no longer missing, but I'm also sure that it's a bittersweet time knowing that she will never sit at her place at the table.
"It's like a brick is lifted off your chest," Hollis(Wanda Hollis, Kelly's mother) said. "You don't know what it's like until you go through it. It's unbelievably deep." 
Saturday, November 28, a public memorial service is planned to honor the life of Kelly.  A fund is set up in lieu of flowers for her daughters.  

As each of us sits with our families, thankful that we can reach out and touch each other this Thanksgiving Day, please take a moment during your grace to ask for a blessing for these young daughters.

Two little girls, like so many others out there, will spend the rest of their lives re-living losing their mother.

These are the surviving victims of a trauma that runs deep and lasts a lifetime.  May we someday find a way to outstretch our hands of hope to these little (and big) children, help them find a way to find a "piece of peace" in their day.

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